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‘I know’ Australian prime minister lied to me about submarines, says Macron

source: Belgium: 2021-10-31 22: 32: 25 , - International [ad_1] "Do you think Scott Morrison lied to you?" Asked an Australian journalist on the sidelines of the G20 in Rome. "I don't think so, I know", replied in a filmed response the French president, who had already expressed his anger after the breakdown of the agreement between France and Australia for the sale of 12 submarines for 55 Billions of Euro's. "We are discussing, we will see what he does," he said of the possibility of giving him back his confidence. "I have a lot of respect for your country and a lot of respect and friendship for your people," he continued, but "when you have respect, you have to be two and behave in accordance with these values" . Emmanuel Macron spoke Thursday with the Australian Prime Minister for the first time since the crisis caused by the announcement in mid-September of a new alliance between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, called Aukus, who torpedoed the mega contract of French submarines. The French president then repeated to him that this breach of contract "had broken the relationship of trust between our two countries". This quarrel also caused a crisis between France and the United States, going so far as to recall the French ambassador for a few days. During a meeting on Friday with US President Joe Biden, the latter, obviously eager to overcome this quarrel, did not apologize but admitted that what had been "done was awkward and was not done. with great elegance ". He assured that he believed that "France had been informed very early that the contract would not be done". [ad_2] Read more from this article on

“Never has a private aspect played a role”

source: Belgium: 2021-10-31 16: 29: 01 , - Politique belge [ad_1] In the book "The Gravediggers of Belgium" which he devoted to the long political crisis which preceded the advent of the Vivaldi coalition, the journalist Wouter Verschelden evoked an episode which remained discreet which concerned Mr. De Croo, then vice - Prime Minister Open Vld in the Michel government, and the contacts he would have tried to establish with a pornographic actress. Contacts that the person concerned herself mentioned in the Italian press in August. According to the book, this story delayed negotiations to form the federal coalition. "Absolutely not. Anyone who has followed the formation of the government closely knows that there were many difficult times. I am glad that at one point the parties reached out to each other," he said. explained Mr De Croo. "If they made it possible to form a government, I played my part." "Never has a private aspect played a role," he added. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

From tomorrow the Covid Safe Ticket will apply in Wallonia: what is changing?

source: Belgium: 2021-10-31 16: 15: 13 , - Les derniers articles [ad_1] Already applicable in Brussels, the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) is required in Wallonia from tomorrow, November 1, 2021. On its website, Wallonia describes the CST as a "health management tool which aims to protect the health of the population by limiting as much as possible the circulation of the virus and its increasingly contaminating variants. " With this QR code, politicians hope to control the spread of the virus, but also to encourage unvaccinated people to make an appointment to receive a first dose.However, the Covid Safe Ticket does not specifically mean that a person is vaccinated. This can take three different forms. It can indeed attest to a complete vaccination, 14 days after the second injection of a vaccine or after the first if it is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It can also confirm the completion of a negative PCR test carried out within 48 hours, or a negative antigen test carried out within 24 hours. Finally, it can prove that the CST holder recovered from the Covid less than 180 days ago.Where and for how long? This CST will apply in Wallonia until January 15, 2022 inclusive. Still on its site, Wallonia announces that "The Government will regularly assess the necessity and proportionality of maintaining the extended obligation of the CST in Wallonia with regard to the epidemiological situation. Concretely, the extended use of the CST may be lifted if the epidemiological situation allows it and if all the Walloon provinces reach alert level 2 according to the opinion of the RAG (editor's note: Risk Assessment Group) for a period of 3 consecutive weeks. "This ticket will be requested from the age of 12 in mass events and residential care facilities for vulnerable people. Meetings that bring together 50 people indoors or 200 people outdoors are considered mass events.As of November 1, the CST will therefore be compulsory for visitors aged 16 and over in establishments and events covered by the law. That is to say that, in the HORECA, this Covid Safe Ticket concerns customers who settle inside, not those on the terrace. It will not be requested in hotels, unless customers wish to go to a restaurant, a fitness room or a conference room.Friday negotiators and Sunday sportsmen must also present this proof at the entrance to discotheques, sports and fitness clubs. In the event of outdoor sporting events, the 200-person gauge applies.Finally, you will also need to present this ticket at trade fairs and conventions, establishments in the cultural, festive and recreational sectors, and residential care establishments for vulnerable people.No need for CST therefore in public transport, public administrations, schools, universities, academies, stores and shopping centers.Ticket and sanctionsTo download a CST, you can go to the CovidSafeBE application, on the website, or on the Walloon Health Network.Penal sanctions are provided for in the event of non-compliance with the rules relating to this TSA. Fines ranging from 50 to 500... Read more

12:47 – Billie Jean King Cup: Australia and Belarus without its No. 1, the favorite Belgium of its group

source: Belgium: 2021-10-31 13: 47: 14 , DH Les Sports+ - Dernières dépèches Belga [ad_1] Published on 10-31-21 at 12: 47 p.m. in Brussels (Belgium) On paper, the task of the Belgians in the final phase of the Billie Jean King Cup (the former tennis Fed Cup) promised to be complicated with duels against Australia by Ashleigh Barty and Belarus by Aryna Sabalenka. . But neither the world No. 1 nor her runner-up will be present in Prague. Therefore, Johan Van Herck's gang, led by Elise Mertens (WTA 20), seems to have the potential to win group B and thus reach the semi-finals. After two postponements due to the coronavirus pandemic, the phase final of the Billie Jean King Cup, played over a week in one and the same place as the Davis Cup, will finally be able to be held on the courts of the O2 Arena in Prague. The Belgians will start their course against Belarus on Monday at 10: 30 am. Each match is played in the best of three matches, with two singles and a double on the program. The Belgian team will continue on Tuesday against Australia (10: 30 am). Australia and Belarus will meet on Thursday in the group's final duel. The winner of each of the four groups will advance to the semi-finals. Besides Mertens, Van Herck selected Greet Minnen (WTA 69), Ysaline Bonaventure (WTA 143) and Kirsten Flipkens (WTA 154). Alison Van Uytvanck (WTA 61) preferred to stay active on the WTA circuit. Belarus will therefore have to do without Sabalenka, 23 years old and already 10 WTA titles, but also the experienced Victoria Azarenka (WTA 27), 32 years old, former world No. 1 and 21 titles on the clock, including the Open d ' Australia twice. It is therefore Aliaksandra Sasnovich (WTA 86) who will be the leader of her team. The 27-year-old will be joined by Yuliya Hatouka (WTA 228), Iryna Shymanovich (WTA 267) and Lidziya Marozava (WTA 87 doubles). Australian captain Alicia Molik will also have to deal with the absence of her leader "Ash" Barty. Therefore, the "aussie" selection is led by Ajla Tomjlanovic (WTA 43), eliminated in the second round this week in Cluj-Napoca, and completed by Storm Sanders (WTA 120), Ellen Perez (WTA 199), Olivia Gadecki (WTA 234) and Daria Gavrilova (WTA 411). The latter, formerly 20th in the world, has not played since the Australian Open due to an Achilles tendon operation. This final phase suffers from numerous brand absences. Indeed, the Czechs Karolina Pliskova (WTA 3) and Petra Kvitova (WTA 17) will not play in front of their home crowd. American Sofia Kenin (WTA 15), Canadians Bianca Andreescu (WTA 22) and Leylah Fernandez (WTA 26) as well as Spain's Garbine Muguruza (WTA 5) and Paula Badosa (WTA 13) are also absent. From then on, Russia, with five top 50 players, advances as one of the favorites to succeed France, winner in 2019. (Belga) © 2021 Belga. All rights of reproduction and representation reserved.... Read more

8:00 am – First official appearance of the mysterious “supreme leader” of the Taliban

source: Belgium: 2021-10-31 09: 00: 21 , DH Les Sports+ - Dernières dépèches AFP [ad_1] Some said he was dead, hidden in Pakistan, or living in hiding in his province of Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan: the mysterious "supreme leader" of the Taliban, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, appeared for the first time officially in public since his appointment in 2016, the Taliban government announced on Sunday. "The Commander of the Believers, Sheikh Hibatullah Akhundzada, made an appearance at a large gathering at the famous Hakimiya madrassa and spoke for 10 minutes to the valiant soldiers and disciples," the Taliban government said in a message on Sunday. audio in support. According to a local source, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada arrived at this Koranic school in Kandahar with a convoy of two cars under very high security and no photographs were allowed. In the distributed audio recording, the mullah can be heard indistinctly reciting prayers and blessings. He prays there in particular for the memory of the Taliban "martyrs" and for the success of the leaders of the Islamic Emirate, "put to the test" in their new responsibilities as leaders of Afghanistan since mid-August. "May God reward the people of Afghanistan who have fought against infidels and oppression for 20 years," said the religious leader in his address. With the exception of rare annual messages during Islamic holidays, the top Taliban leader had hitherto maintained the utmost discretion around himself. Until the US withdrawal from the country this summer, no one knew his whereabouts or if he was still alive. Only one photo of him, gray beard and turban, had been distributed by the Taliban. Until he succeeded Mansour in 2016, killed by an American drone strike in Pakistan, Mr. Akhundzada was relatively unknown, more involved in judicial and religious matters than in military maneuvers. - "Seminar" - Upon coming to power, the Taliban mullah quickly secured the loyalty of Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-Qaeda, who called him an "emir of the believers", the highest responsibility in religion. Sunni jihadist galaxy. In his function of "supreme leader", Mr. Akhundzada is responsible for maintaining the union within the Taliban, a complex mission after the first internal cracks at the time of the announcement of the death - hidden for two years - of the founder of the Islamist movement, Mullah Omar. His last message dates back to September 7, when the new government was appointed from which he demanded the application of Islamic law, sharia, in the affairs of the state. The new power, anxious to put an end to rumors, had announced in September that Hibatullah Akhundzada had lived "from the beginning" in Kandahar and that he would appear "soon in public". "We have regular meetings with him on monitoring the situation in Afghanistan and how to run our government," one of his relatives, Mullah Yussef Wafa, governor of Kandahar, told AFP on Wednesday. "He gives advice to all the leaders of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and we follow his rules,... Read more

Extinction Rebellion and the Yellow Vests sat in front of the Walloon Parliament

source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 18: 28: 36 , DH Les Sports+ - Régions [ad_1] The citizens' assembly calls in particular for "a major ecological and societal transition", indicate their representatives. Some of the demonstrators had come with a chair in order to imitate the parliamentarians. The objective of the gathering was also to define measures which are "legally binding" concerning social and ecological policies. "We are not very far from the end of a world which has derailed and brought us to the precipice," XR explained to justify the action. "The time has therefore come for courageous and socially just political decisions, failing which the only alternative that will remain will be revolution or the blackest misery." In addition, the organizers demand "the establishment of a Walloon citizens' assembly which is representative of the population and transcends the partisan interests of the majority of political professionals". "This event will be repeated as many times as necessary and by mobilizing a growing number of participants, until our request is heard and translated into facts," they added. The demonstration, supervised by the police, started at 2 p.m. and ended shortly before 5 p.m. It had little impact on traffic as it was static and limited to Bord de l'eau Street. No real overflow was to be deplored, according to the police. In addition, blocking actions took place on the sidelines of the demonstration organized by Extinction Rebellion, local police said. The citizens 'movements united to hold a citizens' assembly in front of the Walloon parliament. About a hundred people were present. During the demonstration, which lasted from 2: 00 p.m. to 5: 00 p.m., small groups isolated themselves and crisscrossed the city to block traffic. These actions took place in particular at the roundabout at Place Joséphine Charlotte, near the Arsenal and the prison. The consequences on traffic were however very limited because the operations were carried out by only a few individuals and agents each time intervened quickly, said the police. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Milkywaysblueyes returns to the assault she suffered: “It was not at all to make the buzz”

source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 14: 19: 53 , DH Les Sports+ - Lifestyle [ad_1] At the wheel, she will experience the aggressiveness of a taxi driver who will pursue her for several kilometers. An assault that she chose to tell in a story. "I admit that it was under the influence of emotion, I needed to share the story with my community at first, but I also wanted to alert and do prevention. It wasn't so much to create a buzz, that's not at all the goal, I don't want people to talk about me like that but it was to prevent this kind of thing from happeningt." And more often than you might think: the poll created by Milkywaysblueyes in which some 70,000 people participated indicates that 6 out of 10 people have already been assaulted while driving. "I've been sent chilling testimonials, much worse than I've been through", she says. Still unsettled, however, she is careful not to show any details that might show where she lives and works. Claire Marnette has not yet lodged a complaint but she "think she will do it ". [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Halloween: candy and pumpkin sales explode

source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 11: 50: 54 , DH Les Sports+ - Société [ad_1] Large retailers confirm that Halloween is now a tradition. The Halloween tradition, born in Ireland but developed in the United States, was exported to Belgium a few years ago. And more and more famous, judging by the sales and the craze in mass distribution. "It's been about 7 years since this festival became popular", explique Roel Dekelver, director de la communication de Delhaize. "Last year, Covid obliges, we could not celebrate Halloween, but we hope that despite the new restrictions imposed this week, we can reconnect with the tradition." In terms of sales, two products stand out ... [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Standard-Courtrai: les Rouches with Sissako, Cimirot and Dragus in the base eleven (Direct at 6.30 p.m.)

source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 17: 22: 46 , DH Les Sports+ - Sports [ad_1] After having passed the obstacle Mouscron in the round of 32 of the Belgian Cup, Standard are looking for a first league victory under Luka Elsner. And why not mark the occasion against his former club? The two directions disagree on the passage of the Franco-Slovenian coach to Sclessin and it is a safe bet that the motivation of Kortrijk will be increased tenfold. At Standard, the first victory of the Elsner era was good. Especially since the Rouches have (finally) recovered Bokadi who had good feelings after the Cup match, like Cimirot. Dragus starts alongside Joao Klauss at the forefront of the Liège attack. After his good performance this week, Sissako is confirmed in central defense next to Dussenne. On the side of Kortrijk, Karim Belhocine is deprived of Palaversa suspended and Derijck injured in the malleolus. The components: Standard : Bodart, Siquet, Sissako, Dussenne, Nkounkou, Cimirot, Raskin, Tapsoba, Bastien, Klauss, Dragus Courtrai : Ilic, Dewaele, Sainsbury, Radovanovic, D'Haene, Fixelles, Vandendriessche, Moreno, Kadri, Selemani, Gueye Follow the match live from 6.30 p.m. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Belgian influencer Milkywaysblueyes is the guest of the Big Interview of the week: “When something serious happens, it is sometimes unbearable to appear on the networks”

source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 12: 35: 22 , DH Les Sports+ - Belgique [ad_1] Claire Marnette, 26, has built a business on her image but also her personality. She is part of the closed club of influencers who make a good living from their accounts on social networks in Belgium. For 10 years, Claire Marnette has built a community of over 211,000 followers on Instagram under the name Milkywaysblueyes. On her site as on the networks, the blogger-turned-influencer showcases her passion for fashion, her lifestyle advice, her travels, her good addresses in Belgium and elsewhere and her fantasy as well. "Futile", "don't know", "Influencers are useless", criticism of her physique: Claire Marnette is armored "reinforced concrete" against derogatory, derogatory, negative comments, and prefers to highlight the work and entrepreneurship behind glam images, videos and texts. Influencer? She accepts this term of course but regrets its negative and pejorative connotation. "The job brings together a lot more interesting things than this simple definition. I prefer to say that I am a content creator. Our job is not to influence, it is a consequence of all the work upstream." [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Mechele is going through a difficult period in Bruges: “He’s too nice, that must change”

source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 10: 48: 40 , DH Les Sports+ - La Une [ad_1] Brandon Mechele could (again) take advantage of the Stayen to shake up the hierarchy. It is with calm and professionalism that Brandon Mechele goes through a more difficult period. Since the title of champion conquered last May, he has experienced several professional disappointments. He first found himself in the list of reservists for the Euro, after having nevertheless spent the two preparatory meetings, against the Greeks and Croats, on the bench. Ditto for the little envious trips to Estonia and Belarus, last September. He then disappeared from Roberto Martinez's list for the League of Nations. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Sint-Jacobskerk is open again and can be visited

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 20: 33: 00 , ATV - Antwerpse televisie // RSS [ad_1] The Sint-Jacobskerk is open again, or at least part of it. The parish church near the Meir has been closed for three years because it is undergoing a total restoration. But today there is good news, because despite the many surprises during the works, the contractor is completely on schedule. You can even visit part of the church from 2 p.m. tomorrow. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

‘Meta’ must fulfill Zuckerberg’s vision of the future

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 16: 54: 10 , Kanaal Z [ad_1] The parent company above Facebook changes its name from Facebook Inc. to Meta. The new name is more in line with the company's vision for the future. And it lies in the metaverse or 'the metaverse': Zuckerberg's virtual universe where people can meet each other. Facebook is investing billions in the creation of such a parallel digital world. Visionary or utopian, the future will change... [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Tom Hanks surprises couple during wedding

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 15: 49: 58 , De Standaard : Buitenland [ad_1] Diciembre and Tashia Farries' wedding took place on the beach in Santa Monica, California. Their unforgettable day became even more memorable when suddenly actor Tom Hanks showed up. The actor also expressed his support for a marriage between two women. [ad_2] Read more from this article on


source: Belgium: 2021-10-30 03: 00: 00 , Het Nieuwsblad : Buitenland [ad_1] VVD: 34D66: 24PVV (Party for Freedom): 17Board of Directors: 15SP (Socialist Party): 9Labor Party (PvdA): 9GREEN LEFT: 8Forum for Democracy: 8Party for the Animals: 6Christian Union: 5Volt: 3JA21: 3Politically Reformed Party (SGP): 3THINK: 350PLUS: 1BBB: 1BIJ1: 1 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

There is a ceiling for Amazon after all

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 15: 11: 01 , De Standaard : Economie [ad_1] When e-commerce got an unprecedented boost due to corona, the sky the limit for Amazon and its founder, Jeff Bezos. But due to staff shortages and rising costs, successor Andrew Jassy is hitting limits. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Police shoot knife-pulling resident while intervening…

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 21: 03: 52 , Het Nieuwsblad : Binnenland [ad_1] ©  TPBeringen - During an intervention Friday in the late afternoon in the Christmas Street in the Beringse Stal, the police shot and killed a resident. The man had pulled a knife during a conflict. The federal judicial police and the public prosecutor are investigating the case. Committee P has been informed.Zahra Boufker, Nancy Vandebroek and Phillip PergensYesterday at 21: 03 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Follow The Big Shift here | ‘Feasible and affordable’ has disappeared…

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 19: 03: 51 , De Standaard : Binnenland [ad_1] What are their plans to keep the green transition fair, social and affordable? How do we save the planet without losing our wealth? At 6 pm, two ministers will debate in the former Shell building in Brussels in 'De Grote Shift', a series of climate debates by De Standaard. You can follow the sold-out debate live above from 6 p.m. Why are you not further ahead, dear federal ministers Tinne Van der Straeten (Energy) and Vincent Van Peteghem (Deputy Prime Minister and Finance)?Sharp judge on duty is professor Jos Delbeke, former Director-General for Climate at the European Commission and EIB Climate Chair. DS journalist I have Renson steers the debate in the right direction.Flemish ministers Hilde Crevits (CD&V) and Zuhal Demir (N-VA) were originally also guests, but they had to cancel their arrival.Do you have questions for our panel? Contact the podium editors via, or send an SMS to 0486 78 63 29 (max. €0.6/SMS).All week long, top figures from the corporate world have been debating the future of our planet in 'The Great Shift'. What do they expect from our politicians? In the video below we list some of their questions. The Big Shift is an ambitious stepping stone to the Glasgow Climate Summit. Five debates in four university cities, with a panel of top figures and a challenger specializing in that evening's theme. This is going to be more than just another round of talks. It's time for solutions. read here all our articles on The Great Shift. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

It’s really storming on the Channel now: France lays British coqu…

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 05: 00: 00 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Buitenland [ad_1] © REUTERS“We have been very patient with the British, but as of November it will be over.” The French Secretary of State for European Affairs is serious. France and Britain have been arguing over fishing rights in British waters for months. Now a British fishing boat has been seized. If more French fishermen are not allowed in, severe reprisals are threatened. Up to and including blocking the electricity supply. Peter MilemansToday at 05: 00 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Virologists shocked after new threats against Marc Van Ran…

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 15:22:30 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Binnenland [ad_1] Van Ranst and Emmanuel André. — ©  Dirk Vertommen, putVIrologist Emmanuel André reacts shocked to new threats made against Marc Van Ranst. “This seems like a death threat,” he writes on Twitter about the post that documentary maker Bernard Crutzen made on Facebook. Van Ranst himself also calls it "unacceptable"."I'm going to say it in a less friendly way: it's time we silence that terrorist": that's how Bernard Crutzen, the creator of the conspiracy film begins This is not a conspiracy his post on Facebook. He posts a photo of virologist Marc Van Ranst and shares a link to an article by Evening in which Van Ranst speaks. In it, the virologist said it was time to "convince the unvaccinated in a less friendly way".And that opinion of Van Ranst clearly does not like Crutzen. “Having manipulated public opinion during the maxican flu crisis - where he worked in the shadows for GSK - he is now threatening us again. If eighteen months of expert-recommended measures do not achieve their goal, if an 80 percent vaccination rate in Flanders does not yield results, then it is not time to change teams," he wrote. "Let's fire Van Ranst, Vlieghe and co, there are others waiting."Virologist Emmanuel André does not like that post. On Twitter he writes that he is "extremely shocked" by what Crutzen writes. “This is like a call to kill a scientist. Not acceptable." Crutzen defends himself by saying that there is no call for murder. “There are other ways to silence someone: demand their resignation, expose any conflicts of interest, file a complaint for discrimination, and so on.”Marc Van Ranst himself has also responded to Crutzen's Facebook message. “Bernard Crutzen is a French-speaking journalist and documentary maker, and he spreads hatred. This is unacceptable," he writes.Here is inserted content from a social media network that wants to write or read cookies. You have not given permission for this.Click here to adjust your preferences [ad_2] Read more from this article on

3X3 Team Antwerp in Abu Dhabi: “We are always ambitious” (Antwerp)

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 12: 35: 46 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Stad [ad_1] © BELGAThe 3X3 Team Antwerp will participate in the Masters World Tour in Abu Dhabi today and Saturday. “It will be a tough tournament, but we are equipped”, says Thibaut Vervoort. With 40,000, 30,000 and 20,000 dollars, the prize pool in the United Arab Emirates for the podium is already something to look forward to. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Mayor Chaudfontaine: “We have no rescue in Belgium

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 11: 55: 12 , Het Nieuwsblad : Binnenland [ad_1] ©  ISOPIXUnlike France and its civilian security, “we don't have a rescue culture in Belgium” and the resources deployed during the severe July floods were often “misadaptive”. The mayor of Chaudfontaine, MR Member of Parliament Daniel Bacquelaine, stated this on Friday in the Walloon inquiry into those floods.jvhSource: BELGIANToday at 11: 55After the mayors of Eupen, Limburg and Theux last week, this week it is the turn of their colleagues from Chaudfontaine, Pepinster and Trooz to testify about those dramatic days in July when their municipalities were flooded. “We were confronted with real destruction,” said Bacquelaine. His municipality has 1,871 affected homes, the majority of which are along the Vesder River. Four people lost their lives and nearly 1,200 others were evacuated to shelters.In Chaudfontaine, the evacuation order came in the afternoon of 14 July, before the provincial decision. “I don't think you should wait for someone to tell you what to do in such a crisis. At some point, it's up to the mayor to decide, even if no order came from elsewhere. Seeing the speed of Vesder, I decided the first evacuations. That's how menacing the river looked.”“The principle of an evacuation is not that simple. You can sometimes ask yourself whether you are no longer endangering people," Bacquelaine added. He nevertheless regretted that there was no pre-alarm for the Vesder. “We got one for the Ourthe, but it came too late.” [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Towards a revolution at RTBF? Your evenings watching series and films broadcast on public service channels could be… shortened

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 08: 37: 55 , Actualité - [ad_1] Cine-TV-Revue Media Posted on Friday, October 29, 2021 at 08: 37 a.m. The Walloon government has raised the possibility of putting an end to the evening advertising cuts on RTBF channels. Will your TV evenings in front of RTBF soon be a little shorter? Not impossible. Indeed, as announced by our colleagues from Evening, Bénédicte Linard (Ecolo), the media minister, is pushing her government partners to limit advertisements on the public channel. Since July 1, there are already no more advertisements for part of the morning on La Première, and the Minister would like the application of another point already mentioned: "the preservation of the integrity of works". This would mean the end of advertising breaks during films and series, broadcast mostly in the evening on the three public service channels. Work is in progress. The government would be responsible for making up the shortfall linked to the loss of advertising revenue. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

The Covid Safe Ticket will be compulsory in sports halls

source: Belgium: 2021-10-28 19: 12: 00 , RTC TELE LIEGE [ad_1] October 28, 2021 7: 12 PM Liège New blow for the gyms. This sector has not been spared from the Covid Safe Ticket. As of November 1, members will be able to come and train only if they are armed with a QR code, a negative test or a certificate of recovery.8 months of closure, difficult for this fitness room which almost went out of business. Arrangements have been made to comply with sanitary measures. The Coronavirus crisis has caused a big financial loss.What about the people who bought a subscription? A subscription suspension will therefore be put in place to encourage members to respect this government decision. As a reminder, in the event of non-compliance, the fine can range from 50 to 500 euros for visitors and up to 2,500 euros for the owner. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Volvo Cars IPO, symbol of Sino-European success

source: Belgium: 2021-10-29 02: 30: 01 , Actualite [ad_1] October 29, 2021 Today at 02: 30 From Gothenburg to Hangzhou via Ghent, the rescue of Volvo by Geely, ten years ago, is a success. It remains to convince investors. Volvo goes public this Friday. Behind the details of the IPO conducted by its owner Geely, the story of Volvo's rebirth is almost a textbook case for a manager who would like to save a car brand on the verge of extinction. 1.32 billion euros Volvo's operating profit (EBIT) for the first half of 2021 alone is equivalent to the price obtained by Ford for the sale of Volvo to Geely in 2010 ... Because Volvo, we would almost forget, is a company who almost disappeared in the wake of Saab. Remember, the bankruptcy of the other iconic Swedish car brand sounded like a national shock in 2011. It had been a hard blow for the importer Beherman in Belgium. Saab "was poorly sold by General Motors, when this brand had exceptional products and a formidable network, it was not my failure, but I paid the consequences and I still do not swallow it ", writes Jacques Beherman in" Notre Histoire ", a book retracing the entrepreneurial adventure of the family Beherman over three generations. The high-end SUV asset There are many parallels. Volvo, owned by the other great American, Ford, also failed not survive the 2008 subprime crisis. Sold for a modest sum to Geely in 2010, the company was widely believed to be dead. However, 10 years later being sold for 1.8 billion dollars (1.29 billion euros) by Ford to the Chinese group Geely, Volvo Cars reported operating profit of 1.32 billion euros in the first half of 2021 alone. Under the leadership of CEO Hakan Samuelsson, a former MAN trucks, Volvo has clearly taken the road to the high end, in particular on SUVs that stood out from the crowd and a pioneering strategy towards hybridization and electric. Read also What if Volvo Ghent welcomed the first gigafabrica of batteries in Belgium? Volvo Ghent smiles Volvo Cars has succeeded in winning back the hearts of European customers first and then the world. All profit for the Volvo Ghent plant which has become the European factory specializing in the group's "small" cars, the 40 series, while Sweden is concentrating on larger models. Today, Volvo Ghent employs 6,500 people and is still looking for 500 more temporary workers. The renewal from China Behind this revival, there is another man: the Chinese Li Shifu (or Eric Li). The founder of Geely, then little known to Western manufacturers, would have approached Ford officials at a car show before the financial crisis to tell them that he wanted to buy Volvo. After two difficult years under Geely, Volvo has managed to raise the bar. Ford recalled this encounter when the company fought not to have to be saved by the Obama administration, as it did with General Motors. After two difficult... Read more

Yaël Neeman: “This is not a book of answers but of questions”

source: Belgium: 2021-10-28 22: 08: 26 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] Yaël Neeman has only seen Pazith once. But she devoted ten years of her life to collecting testimonies about this brilliant woman of whom, today, nothing remains. "Once upon a time" compiles the stories that make this anonymous person unforgettable. Read the first chapter. Article reserved for subscribers By Cheyenne Quévy (st) Published on 10/28/2021 10: 08 PM Reading time: 5 min NSylvia but renamed Pazith, she grew up in Israel, at a time when the dream of unification passed through the hebraising of children. She wore her new name like one puts on a coat. He was hers, without ever being her. She huddled in it, without merging into it. Sylvia was nostalgic for a culture she never knew. Daughter of exile, haunted by the ghosts of Auschwitz, she was part of this schizophrenic generation who healed, in silence, wounds that were not hers. And yet, we will retain from Pazith a radiant character, a cascading laughter behind which still hide the sobs of children. Both joy and sadness, the desire to live and the death drive, she was two sides of the same coin. Paradoxically, she wanted to fade away, while leaving a trace. So, to do him honor, Yaël Neeman acts as a witness. She slips away. All we know of the author is the “I” through which we approach Pazith. This article is for subscribers only Find out more, 1 € for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage of it [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme: “Macron’s only political project is him”

source: Belgium: 2021-10-28 14: 25: 34 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] After having shattered Sarkozy and Hollande, the Davet-Lhomme duo publishes a fierce book on Macron. A president without a backbone, they say. Article reserved for subscribers Permanent envoy to Paris Through Joelle Meskens Published on 10/28/2021 2: 25 PM Reading time: 8 min Lhe reputation of Gérard Davet and Fabrice Lhomme is well established. The two inseparable journalists from World have made a specialty of investigating presidents at the end of their terms of office. After Sarko killed me and A president shouldn't say that (on Holland), their last opus on Macron (The traitor and the nothingness, Fayard) is already number one in sales in France. Wink: it is at La Coupole, a chic brasserie opposite La Rotonde where Emmanuel Macron has his habits, that they have set an appointment for us to talk about it. This book is an indictment. Yet Macron retains an important base of popularity. Is it a sham? This article is for subscribers only Find out more, 1 € for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage of it [ad_2] Read more from this article on

National Sports Merit Trophy: Bashir Abdi “impressed” to see his name included in the prize list

source: Belgium: 2021-10-28 15: 59: 01 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] The marathoner was rewarded this Thursday. Belgian By Belga Published on 10/28/2021 3: 59 PM Reading time: 2 min « C'It's impressive to see my name appear on the list,' conceded Bashir Abdi, elected Thursday winner of the Sports Merit Trophy of the year 2021. At 32, the Ghent resident learned the news shortly after noon on Thursday from the mouth of one of his students. “I was at cross country school and one of the students told me that I had won a prize. Two minutes later, Wilfried Meert (one of the jury members present in Brussels this morning, editor's note) called me to tell me the news, ”Bashir Abdi explained to the BELGA Agency. “I am extremely happy with this great recognition,” added Bashir Abdi, bronze medalist in the marathon at the Tokyo Olympic Games this summer and holder, since Sunday, of the European record over this distance in Rotterdam. “This recognition does not come only from the athletics community, but from the entire sports community. And that is beautiful. This is my first prestigious award. I have seen the charts in the meantime and am impressed to see my name on it. That's wonderful. " If he does not hand out a prize himself (Bashir Abdi was at the Flandrien gala on Tuesday), the Belgian athlete receives one. “I admit that my days are busy. I come home late every time. I haven't really had time to rest yet, but these are great obligations. It does not matter, I especially benefit from the respect that I am given. I received a standing ovation at Le Flandrien, for example. It makes you aware of the level of your performance. " Bashir Abdi now longs for a little vacation and for him that means staying at home. “For me, being on vacation means being in Ghent without having to train. I don't need more, I am already abroad all year round. " Bashir Abdi is also cited for the title of Sportsman of the year. “I don't know, other athletes deserve it too. In fact, I already think it is an honor to be cited among the candidates. " [ad_2] Read more from this article on