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Golazo brings international golf tournament to our country

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 18: 12: 11 , Kanaal Z [ad_1] Sports company Golazo is bringing an international golf tournament to our country. The "Soudal Open", named after the silicone group of Vic Swerts, the main sponsor of the tournament. The organizers managed to secure the 3 Belgian toppers Pieters, Detry and Colsaerts. The 4-day golf event will cost 4 million euros. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Congo was really just a consolation prize: all (failed) po…

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 17: 36: 56 , Het Nieuwsblad : Binnenland [ad_1] © Marc GysensAnyone who thought that Congo was the only Belgian colonial adventure underestimates the zeal of the Coburgs. Because 50 years before Leopold II made Congo his playground, Leopold I was already trying to annex Ghana. King-father and king-son would still make colonial attempts in Guatemala, Morocco and even China. Attempts Lucas Catherine describes in his new book Colonial Belgium. “There's not much to practice, is there. They have all failed.”Jesse Van RainmortelToday at 16: 36 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Éric Zemmour is official candidate for French presidential…

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 15: 02: 58 , De Standaard : Buitenland [ad_1] The far-right French polemicist Éric Zemmour is a candidate in the presidential elections in April 2022. He announced this in a video message on Tuesday. "It is no longer time to reform France, but it is time to save it," says Zemmour in a 10-minute video, which contains a lot of drama and a nostalgic undertone. That is why I have decided to run for president. 'So that our children and grandchildren know no barbarism. So that our daughters may not be veiled and our sons be not subjected. (...) So that the French feel at home again," concludes the former editor of the newspaper Le Figaro on CNews. The French presidential election will take place in April next year.Zemmour, 63, is known for his controversial statements. In September this year, he was acquitted by the French court of appeal for a number of anti-Islam statements.His candidacy comes as no surprise. Zemmour has already conducted a very extensive pre-campaign. The French polemicist will be interviewed live on Tuesday evening in a news program of the French broadcaster TF1. He will hold his first official campaign rally in Paris on Sunday afternoon.Zemmour had given a speech at a right-wing political convention in 2019 criticizing immigrants and the "Islamization of the street." He called the djellaba – the clothing that is mainly worn in Maghreb countries – and the headscarf 'uniforms of an occupying army'. In the first instance, he was sentenced to a fine of 10,000 euros.He previously accused minor migrants on television of being 'thieves and murderers'. Despite his statements, he can still be seen very often on CNews, a French commercial TV channel.In October, at a security fair in Paris, Zemmour tested a rifle that he pointed, laughing, at some journalists. French Secretary of State for Gender Equality Marlène Schiappa called the incident "horrific". [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Flemish Agency for Care and Health responds to Weyts for…

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 15: 06: 03 , De Standaard : Binnenland [ad_1] 'First there must be consultation, then politicians must make a choice,' the Flemish Agency for Care and Health said. Weyts wants the education staff to be vaccinated as a priority. Teachers and staff in childcare must be vaccinated as a priority for Flemish Minister of Education Ben Weyts (N-VA). Weyts is now looking for opportunities himself. He is, as he states this morning on Radio 1 in De Morgen, looking at two avenues: either work is being done via a priority flow in the vaccination centers, or by vans that drive past schools. At the moment, 74 schools are completely closed, in addition to dozens of schools where one or more classes are in quarantine. Several schools in Leuven stated today that the pressure in education is 'unsustainable'. Weyts does put the number of schools in quarantine into perspective: 'It concerns 74 schools out of a total of almost 4,000,' said Minister Weyts. Weyts does not believe that the quarantines in schools offer a solution, and wants to 'absolutely prevent us from placing all education in lockdown'. 'The first victims of such distance education or closed schools are the most vulnerable children,' says Weyts. That is why vaccination is a priority. Need consultation first Joris Moonens, spokesperson for the Flemish Agency for Care and Health cannot say whether that is feasible. 'We don't want to rule out any avenues, but there must first be consultation between the competent ministers,' says Moonens. Then, together with the Agency and the occupational health services in education, it must be examined who can play which role, what is feasible and what capacity there is in the vaccination centers. Moonens cannot say how quickly it can be switched. 'We have to look at all options and then a political choice has to be made', says Moonens. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Omikron reaches Japan: first detection in thirty-something who …

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 10: 22: 14 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Buitenland [ad_1] © APJapan also now has a first case of infection with the new omikron variant of the corona virus. A government source confirmed this to the Kyodo news agency. It concerns a traveler from Namibia who had recently returned.dvtSource: BelgianToday at 09: 22ALSO READ. Certainly one case of omikron in our country, how do we avoid more? Marc Van Ranst explainsThe man, in his thirties, landed at Narita (Tokyo) airport on Sunday. He was immediately tested and was found to be infected with the new corona variant.Last year South Africa first reported this mutated variant. In the meantime, dozens of cases have already surfaced worldwide, including in Belgium, Canada, Israel and Hong Kong. The omikron variant is said to be much more contagious than previous mutants. But little is known about the course of the disease and the effectiveness of existing vaccines against the variant.The news about this new corona variant caused many countries to introduce additional travel restrictions. Japan, among others, decided to close the border to foreigners from today/Tuesday. Japanese or non-Japanese with a residence status who come from a high-risk area must be quarantined for up to ten days.Prime Minister Fumio Kishida wants to avoid "a worst-case scenario" with this, he said. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Telenet completely cuts the cable: done with analog telephones

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 08: 44: 54 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Binnenland [ad_1] ©  ShutterstockAfter almost 70 years, the era of analog television is completely over. On Tuesday, Telenet will stop the analog signal in the last municipalities, VRT reports. Nothing will change for customers of Proximus, which already no longer offered analog TV.mtmSource: GARDENToday at 07: 44ALSO READ. Voo takeover fails: Telenet must look for plan BTwo years ago, Telenet started the analogue switch-off plan, in which approximately 360,000 devices were given a digital switch. Today that operation - with some delay because of corona - was completed. Analogue viewers will also see 'snow' on their screens in the last six municipalities/network regions (Beerse, Geel, Stabroek, Sint-Joris-Winge, Perk and Middelkerke). If they were still there, that is, because most customers had already made the digital switch. “During the lockdown we have the process on hold to ensure that everyone could continue to receive the necessary information via their television screen”, says Telenet spokesperson Isabelle Geeraerts.The analog customers were given two options: either reset or rescan their TV. For example, they received a digital compact signal with the same channels and at the same price. However, this was not possible with older devices, which customers had to purchase either a new television or a decoder with more options (and a more expensive subscription). [ad_2] Read more from this article on

ALL ANTWERP. “Together with my grandma I watched ‘Fami… (Antwerp)

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 06: 00: 00 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Stad [ad_1] © Joris HerregodsEvery weekday our reporter and photographer pick a casual passer-by off the street for a nice conversation. Because everyone has a story. And certainly in Antwerp. Today: Duncan D'Hondt (35).“I grew up in 't Zuid, but my roots are in Suriname. My mother came here when she was 20 and met my stepfather. He adopted me. They were only 21 at the time and living at my grandmother's house. I've always lived with my grandmother. It was she who came to pick me up from school. In the evening we watched together Wittekerke, family or to Ten To See.”“I have also lived in 't Zuid for a long time. Until I got tired of the crowds. I then moved to Puurs. I lived there for eight years until I wanted to go back to my roots. We briefly looked into living in 't Zuid again, but now live near the Dageraadplaats. That is an ideal location for young families.”“I have a 1.5 year old daughter. I just went to take her to daycare. My girlfriend is a freelance makeup artist for movies and series and is currently shooting a movie. I'm also a freelancer, but in data architecture. I work from home so it is easier for me to take our daughter to daycare. She was born in corona time. That has its advantages. I can watch her grow up. Before corona I was always in the office. She only goes to daycare on a part-time basis. The other days she is with me. That works perfectly. The fact that companies have adjusted their policy on working from home because of corona makes it a lot easier for a young father like me.” (evw) [ad_2] Read more from this article on

121,000 euros in cash, two Rolexes and HVH shirts: how Herman V… (Interior)

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 04: 00: 00 , Het Nieuwsblad : Binnenland [ad_1] Herman Van Holsbeeck, involved in several judicial investigations. — © BELGAHerman Van Holsbeeck preferred to arrange transfers with 'friend' Mogi Bayat. Yet Dejan Veljkovic was also secretly with an extra envelope of cash in Van Holsbeeck's office in Neerpede during four transfers to Anderlecht. The ex-manager was left with 'HVH shirts' and two Rolexes from the passage of the regretful optant in addition to 121,000 euros. Pieter Huyberechts and Nico TangheToday at 03: 00 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

The CSA considers the local TV convention projects to be too unambitious

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 17: 53: 50 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] The regulator deplores quotas that are too low for public service missions and recommends specific obligations in terms of synergies with RTBF. Article reserved for subscribers Journalist in the Economy department Through Jean-Francois Munster Published on 11/29/2021 4: 53 PM Reading time: 4 min Dn an opinion made public on Monday, the CSA, the audiovisual regulator, is particularly severe in relation to the draft agreements that the government of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation wants to conclude with the twelve local media (MDP, new name local TVs). The current agreements - a sort of management contract fixing the modalities of execution of the public service mission - expire on December 31 and must therefore be renewed. For the government, this is an important moment to instill new orientations since the agreements have a very long lifespan (nine years). This article is for subscribers only Find out more, 1 € for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage of it [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Part of Wallonia placed on yellow alert for slippery conditions by MRI!

source: Belgium: 2021-11-30 00: 45: 08 , Actualité - [ad_1] Posted on Monday, November 29, 2021 at 11: 45 p.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga The Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) issues a yellow alert Monday evening for slippery conditions in the provinces of Liège, Namur and Luxembourg, with snow and ice, until morning Tuesday. The institute reports that during the night, some winter showers may still temporarily occur in the Ardennes. In the second part of the night and Tuesday morning, the arrival of a disturbance will temporarily give rise to snowfall above 300-400 m with an additional accumulation of 0 to 6 cm, continues the communication from the IRM. A yellow alert suggests that the criteria of 1 to 5 cm in 6 hours and / or 5 to 10 cm in 24 hours could then be achieved in part of the provinces of Liège and Luxembourg. In addition, temperatures will remain around or slightly below 0 degrees in the Ardennes, with therefore always a risk of patches of ice or frost in places. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Condom: “The pressure is on Anderlecht”

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 19: 30: 00 , RTC TELE LIEGE [ad_1] 29 November 2021 19: 30 Seraing The meeting between Seraing and Anderlecht, scheduled for Tuesday at 8: 45 p.m., will kick off the knockout stages of the Belgian Football Cup, which will take place until Thursday.Seraing will present himself in full confidence after winning his last two league games. Victorious 2-0 in Sint-Truiden this weekend, the Seres continued their march forward in the league but did not have time to savor. From this Tuesday evening, the promoted will try to be as efficient in the Round of 16 of the Belgian Cup. Seraing will host Anderlecht at the Stade du Pairay, a prestigious poster. The 1-3 win at Charleroi in the league gave some air to Vincent Kompany, the Anderlecht coach under pressure after three games without a win. The Mauves will also travel with the desire to confirm their last success. Thursday (8: 45 p.m.), Standard, finalist of the last edition, will meet Beerschot at the end of the round of 16.S.Savaris (with Belga) [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Market rebound after the Omicron scare | Jack Dorsey leaves the management of Twitter

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 23: 02: 00 , Actualite [ad_1] WALMART, TARGET - American consumers had spent 6.6 billion dollars (5.84 billion euros) Friday at 9 p.m. Easter Time on the occasion of Black Friday, according to the Adobe Digital Economy Index barometer which forecasts between 8.8 billion and 9 , $ 2 billion in spending for this promotion day.MODERN - The American laboratory announced Friday that it is working on developing vaccine booster doses adapted to the Omicron variant of the coronavirus detected in South Africa. The action jumped 11% on the pre-market. NOVAVAX also announced on Friday that it had started development of a new version of its Covid-19 vaccine that targets the Omicron variant and that test doses would be available in the coming weeks. The title takes 4.5% in pre-opening.THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC announced Monday that its Covid-19 diagnostic tests can accurately detect the novel Omicron variant of the coronavirus.Groups linked to gold, such as MINER NEWMONT, BARRICK GOLD, GOLD FIELDS, HARMONY GOLD MINING, SIBANYE STILLWATER, YAMANA GOLD, KINROSS GOLD and ALAMOS GOLD, went up before the market from 0.2% to 4.7% in the wake of the increase in prices of the yellow metal, considered a safe haven after concerns caused by the Omicron variant of the coronavirus.ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES (AMD), TESLA - AMD shares advance 1.4% on the pre-stock market after Tesla's decision on Friday to equip its Model Y vehicles in China with chips from the foundry.NETFLIX, ALPHABET, META PLATFORMS - The American technological giants must bear part of the costs of developing telecommunications networks in Europe, because they use them extensively, said Monday, the bosses of thirteen major European telecoms groups. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

The curtain closes on the life of Stephen Sondheim

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 18: 30: 53 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] The American composer of many Broadway stage hits first made his mark by writing the lyrics to songs for "West Side Story". Article reserved for subscribers Through Serge martin Published on 11/29/2021 5: 30 PM Reading time: 3 min Stephen Sondheim passed away on November 26 at the age of 91 at his home in Connecticut. With him disappears the great personality of the American musical of the last half-century. His work is a strange mixture of an incisive sophistication which pushes him to pursue the unprecedented and a melodic vein which makes him write some of the greatest hits of his time. A pupil of the avant-garde composer Milton Babbitt, he met through the latter's son Otto Hammerstein, the Rodgers librettist. He is fascinated by the genre but dreams of more sophisticated shows. The cinema attracted him: he moved to Hollywood, which shunned him a little but built up a colossal film culture. This article is for subscribers only Find out more, 1 € for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage of it [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Vaccination of caregivers: an ethical duty that should be freely consented to

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 14: 39: 18 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] A commitment of nursing staff (already in office or future graduates) to be vaccinated against nosocomial diseases could be one of the elements constituting access to the profession, suggests Michel Goldman. DPA Flames - By Michel Goldman, President of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Health Innovation (I3h), Université libre de Bruxelles Published on 11/29/2021 1: 39 PM Reading time: 3 min LListening to caregivers who oppose compulsory vaccination reveals a great paradox: they reject coercion while affirming their love for their profession and their unwavering dedication to patients. One of the essential principles of medicine is to take all the necessary precautions to avoid harming patients. This is the famous First, do no harm which underlies the Hippocratic Oath taken by all physicians before they are allowed to practice. Among the risks that healthcare workers can pose to patients, nosocomial infections are at the fore. Let us think of all those patients who in the past were infected with the hepatitis B virus in hospital. hemodialysis units. Infections by bacteria resistant to antibiotics today represent one of the great scourges that threaten public health. The nursing staff are frequently involved in the transmission of these hyper-resistant microbes and they are therefore subject to strict observance of certain basic rules, the first of which is the rigorous washing of hands before and after the care given to each patient. Read also Pierre-Yves Dermagne on the agreement on the vaccination obligation: "The caregiver can oppose a dismissal, it was essential for us" Clusters with multiple origins Covid is undoubtedly one of the nosocomial diseases. It is well established that hospitals and other healthcare institutions are high-risk places where clusters emerge with disastrous consequences for patients as well as for nursing staff and their families. The origins of these clusters are multiple: patients themselves, visitors, but it is undeniable that unvaccinated staff is sometimes involved. An American study has perfectly established that nosocomial infections are more frequent in institutions where unvaccinated personnel operate. At a time when increasingly contagious variants are circulating, it is essential to protect all those who stay or work in healthcare institutions. While the dangerousness of the new Omicron variant remains to be established, there is little doubt that elderly patients with comorbidities will remain at risk of developing serious and fatal forms of the disease. Changing the nature of the debate In this context, it is essential to inform all unvaccinated caregivers of the risks they pose to their patients. Their vaccination is the essential measure to minimize these risks, even if its effectiveness is not absolute and it must be accompanied by strict compliance with other hygiene rules. The current debate should therefore change in nature and be placed within the framework of an ethical duty which is naturally imposed on all caregivers. Read also "A caregiver who does not believe in medicine has no place in the hospital" In practice, this involves considering asking... Read more

Gala du Sport 2021: here are all the nominees in the different categories

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 15: 03: 06 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] Sportspress, the Belgian professional association of sports journalists, unveiled on Monday its nominees for the titles of Sportswoman, Sportswoman, Hope, Team, Coach and Paralympian of the Year 2021. The 2020 Sports Gala trophy. - Belga By Belga Published on 11/29/2021 2: 03 PM Reading time: 3 min LThe winners will be announced on Sunday 19 December during a ceremony organized in Schelle. The voters are professional journalists, members of, and former winners of the “Sportswoman of the Year” trophy who are no longer active. The lists unveiled on Monday are not exhaustive. Each voter has the possibility of choosing a candidate of his choice thanks to a wildcard. Candidates Belgian Sportsman of the Year Bashir Abdi (athletics); Matthias Casse (judo); Sami Chouchi (judo); Thibaut Courtois (football); Kevin De Bruyne (football); Sam Deroo (volleyball); Remco Evenepoel (cycling); Jelle Geens (triathlon); Jérôme Guéry (horse riding); Alexander Hendrickx (hockey); Romelu Lukaku (football); Tim Merlier (cycling); Thierry Neuville (rally car); Toma Nikiforov (judo); Seppe Odeyn (duathlon); Francesco Patera (boxing); Artuur Peters (kayak); Jasper Philipsen (cycling); Thomas Pieters (golf); Victor Schelstraete (boxing); Xavier Siméon (endurance); Jasper Stuyven (cycling); Bart Swings (speed skating); Wout van Aert (cycling); Vincent Vanasch (hockey); Dimitri Van den Bergh (darts); Florent Van Aubel (hockey); Marten Van Riel (triathlon); Sam Van Rossom (basketball) and Gregory Wathelet (riding) Belgian Sportswoman of the Year Candidates Amal Amjahid (ju-jitsu); Cynthia Bolingo (athletics); Paulien Couckuyt (athletics); Oshin Derieuw (boxing); Nina Derwael (gymnastics); Hanne Desmet (shorttrack); Sarah Fanizza (ju-jitsu); Loena Hendrickx (figure skating); Laura Heyrman (volleyball); Lotte Kopecky (cycling); Fanny Lecluyse (swimming); Mina Libeer (judo); Elise Mertens (tennis); Kim Meylemans (skeleton); Amber Ryheul (judo); Emma Meesseman (basketball); Hermien Peters (kayak); Emma Plasschaert (veil); Nafi Thiam (athletics); Elise Vanderelst (athletics); Lise Van Hecke (volleyball); Noor Vidts (athletics); Tessa Wullaert (football); Anne Zagré (athletics). Belgian Hope Candidates of the Year Aaron Andries (rowing); Thomas Carmoy (athletics); Eliott Crestan (athletics); Arnaud De Lie (cycling); Aaron Dockx (cyclocross); Jente Hauttekeete (athletics); Thibau Nys (cyclocross-cycling); Michael Obasuyi (athletics); Loïs Openda (football); Evy Poppe (snowboard); Rani Rosius (athletics); Jonathan Sacoor (athletics); Alec Segaert (cycling); Nina Sterckx (weightlifting); Cian Uijtdebroeks (cycling); Fran Vanhoutte (roller skating); Marith Vanhove (cycling); Ruben Verheyden (athletics); Jutta Verkest (gymnastics); Florian Vermeersch (cycling). Belgian Team of the Year Candidates Belgian Cats (basket); Belgian Cheetahs (athlétisme); Belgian Hammers (triathlon); Belgian Lions (3x3) (basket); Belgian Tornados (athlétisme); Deceuninck-Quick Step (cyclisme); Jumping (équitation); Kayak; Maaseik (volley); Mixed Relays (athlétisme); Red Devils (football); Red Lions (hockey); Red Panthers (hockey); Tumbling; Gymnastique; Union SG (football); Young Devils (football); Young Red Dragons (volley); WRT (automobile). Coach of the year Carole Bam (athletics); Kurt Bogaerts (cycling); Jacques Borlée (athletics); Wim Fissette (tennis); Tom Goegebuer (weightlifting); Marjorie Heuls & Yves Kieffer (gymnastics); Marc Lamberts (cycling); Roger Lespagnard (athletics); Roberto Martinez (football); Jacky Mathijssen (football); Felice Mazzu (football); Shane McLeod (hockey); Philip Mestdagh (basketball); Mark van der Ham (judo). Belgian Paralympian of the Year Tim Celen (para-cycling - tricycle); Manon Claeys (para-dressage); Laurens Devos (table... Read more

Omicron variant: a clause of the contract between the European Union and Pfizer revealed

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 18: 52: 29 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] In its contract with Pfizer, the European Union had provided for a clause in the event of the emergence of a new variant of the coronavirus. AFP. Par AFP Published on 11/28/2021 5: 52 PM Reading time: 1 min Uno "race against time" is underway to analyze the new omicron variant of the coronavirus and understand whether to adapt the vaccines, said the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, on Sunday in Riga, calling on the populations to take precautions to give scientists time to analyze the new variant. "Scientists and manufacturers need two to three weeks to have a complete picture of the characteristics of the mutations in this omicron variant," she added. "We must buy time," she continued, calling on people to be vaccinated, to wear masks and to respect the necessary distance. Read also Coronavirus: testing cracks, the new strategy is the subject of debate She said a contract signed this summer by the European Commission with BioNTech-Pfizer for 1.8 billion doses of vaccine included a clause providing for the case of a variant escaping the existing vaccine. By this clause, the laboratory then undertakes to be able to adapt its vaccine within 100 days, she said. The new variant, whose identification was announced Thursday in South Africa, has spread to a number of countries, causing growing concern, especially in Europe. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

French presidential election: here is the top priority for the French, according to a survey

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 07: 57: 22 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] By the editorial staff Published on 11/29/2021 6: 57 AM Reading time: 1 min LPurchasing power is the top priority of the upcoming presidential election for the French, ahead of health, immigration, security, the fight against terrorism, the environment and unemployment, confirms an Odoxa poll for Europe 1 released on Monday. For some 90% of the French, purchasing power is a very important or fairly important subject of concern. 80% of French people have the feeling that purchasing power has tended to deteriorate over the past 12 months. And a vast majority (94%) think that the confinements undergone for a year and a half have led to an acceleration in the rise in prices, in inflation, according to the survey. Read also The French presidential election in quicksand To the question "Which of the following major areas will count the most in your vote in the presidential election?" », The respondents, who could select two choices, answer as follows: 45% mention purchasing power, 30% health, 25% immigration, 24% security and the fight against terrorism, 21% the environment , 13% unemployment, 13% education, 10% French identity, 9% taxation. The poll was carried out from November 3 to 24, on a sample of 1,005 French people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, according to the quota method. Read also France: five shades of right for a primary that wants to be "soft" [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Vaccines: residents of Brussels over 18 can register for a booster dose

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 21: 14: 15 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] It is necessary to wait 2 months after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one dose), 4 months after the AstraZeneca vaccine (two doses) and 6 months after the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines (two doses). Photo News. By the editorial staff Published on 11/28/2021 8: 14 PM Reading time: 1 min Lhe Concertation Committee, this Friday, among other measures, decided to extend to the entire population the possibility of receiving a booster dose of the vaccine. This Sunday, following Codeco's recommendations, the Brussels Region offered the possibility to people over the age of 18 to make an appointment to have their booster, depending on the date of their last dose. The people of Brussels must certify that they are on time to receive their recall, but there does not seem to be any age criterion retained. An invitation will also be sent to eligible residents of Brussels, this time starting with the oldest. A call center (02 / 214.19.19) will also be accessible from this Monday for appointments. Read also Coronavirus: testing cracks, the new strategy is the subject of debate As a reminder, it is necessary to wait 2 months after the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (one dose), 4 months after the AstraZeneca vaccine (two doses) and 6 months after the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines (two doses). [ad_2] Read more from this article on

A new gigantic health database managed by Frank Robben

source: Belgium: 2021-11-29 07: 00: 00 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] Frank Vandenbroucke calls for urgent approval of a legislative package. It plans, among other things, to centralize all electronic medical prescriptions at Smals (and no longer within the sector). And to entrust the access authorizations to the CSI. Catherine Fonck (CDH) chokes. Article reserved for subscribers Head of Multimedia department Through Philippe Laloux Published on 11/29/2021 6: 00 AM Reading time: 4 min An the midst of the endless stream of covid measures, legislative life continues. Discreetly and at a run. This will be the case this Monday in the Health Commission where the deputies will be asked to vote on a brick of 1,850 pages, soberly entitled "Bill on various provisions in the health field". Clearly, a catch-all law (it includes 8 large chapters ranging from home hospitalization to the adaptation of the euthanasia law). And for which, in plenary last Thursday, Frank Vandenbroucke (Vooruit), had requested the examination urgently. Suffice to say that the weekend promised to be studious for the members of the Commission, required to peel this mountain in record time. This article is for subscribers only Find out more, 1 € for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage of it [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Coronavirus: infographic that shows omicron variant mutations

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 22: 35: 44 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] Researchers analyzed a three-dimensional image, which looks like a map, of the new variant of the coronavirus. By the editorial staff Published on 11/28/2021 9: 35 PM Reading time: 2 min LThe omicron variant of covid-19 has many more mutations than the delta variant, according to a first “image” of this new variant initially detected in South Africa, produced and published by the prestigious Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome. On this three-dimensional "image", which looks like a map, "we can clearly see that the omicron variant presents many more mutations than the delta variant (which already presents in itself a large number of mutations), concentrated above all in one area of ​​the protein that interacts with human cells, ”said the team of researchers in a press release on Sunday. Read also Coronavirus: testing cracks, the new strategy is debated "This does not automatically mean that these variations are more dangerous, just that the virus has further adapted to the human species by generating another variant", specify the researchers. “Other studies will tell us if this adaptation is neutral, less dangerous or more dangerous. " The Bambino Gesù research team focused in its study on the search for mutations in "the three-dimensional structure of the spike protein," said Claudia Alteri, professor of clinical microbiology at the State University of Milan and researcher at Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome, interviewed by AFP. How was the image made? This protein, which is the part of the virus "studied with the most attention", is "responsible for the recognition of the human receptor and the entry of the virus into the cells". "It is on the spike that monoclonal antibodies and of course vaccines act," she emphasizes. The image was produced “from the study of the sequences of this new variant made available to the scientific community”, coming mainly from “Bostwana, South Africa and Hong Kong”. “This image, which is a bit of a map of all the variations, describes the mutations of omicron but does not define their role,” she emphasizes. "It will now be important to define, through laboratory experiments, whether the combination of these mutations can have an impact on transmission or on the effectiveness of vaccines, for example," she concludes. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Famous American designer and stylist Virgil Abloh has died aged 41

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 23: 05: 38 , - Lifestyle [ad_1] Virgil Abloh died this Sunday, November 28, from cancer which he had been fighting in private for several years.An architect by training, the American designer and stylist was the artistic director for men at Louis Vuitton, founder of the Milan-based Off-White brand, used to mixing luxury and streetwear. He was also a designer, DJ and for a time right arm of Kanye West.All the brands were arguing to collaborate with him. Whether it is the Baccarat crystal factory, the furniture brand IKEA, Nike or even the cult rock band Guns N 'Roses, Virgil Abloh has demonstrated his talent by diversifying and breaking codes."Louis Vuitton and Off White are devastated to announce the death of Virgil Abloh on Sunday, November 28, from cancer. He had been struggling in private for several years," the brand said in a statement.Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH, said: "We are all shocked by this terrible news. Virgil was not only a genius designer and a visionary, he was also a man with a beautiful soul and great wisdom. The LVMH family joins me in this moment of great sadness and we all think of their loved ones on the occasion of the death of their husband, father, brother, son and friend. "Several personalities sent their condolences on social networks: [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Unusual in Brussels: three trams find themselves in an inextricable situation (VIDEO)

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 19: 14: 56 , - Régions [ad_1] The video, posted on TikTok this Friday, quickly went viral! Three trams, in Schaerbeek, at the crossroads of rue Princesse Elisabeth and rue Lambertmont, seemingly in an inextricable situation. They form an almost perfect equilateral triangle.The spokesperson for the Stib, Guy Sablon, explains that the images could date from Friday morning, during an interruption of lines 3 and 7 ter, in Neder-Over-Heembeek, because of the presence of a vehicle of sorting, which had consequences further down these lines. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Return to Caesar what belongs to Caesar

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The very mysterious cult of Mithras unveiled

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Ghent – Standard: Depoitre gives Rouches a first warmth (DIRECT, 0-0)

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 19: 40: 50 , - Sports [ad_1] After their first victory in the Elsner era against Eupen, Standard will want to continue their momentum against Ghent. Buffalos who lost in the week against Famagusta but who still finished first in their group in the Conference League.To do this, the Slovenian coach chose to give Jackson Muleka a chance at the forefront of the attack. As since his arrival, Dussenne will lead the defense with Laifis. For the rest, this is the expected team. For the third time in a row, Donnum holds. While Mehdi Carcela like Maxime Lestienne will be on the bench.Team compositions: Standard: Henkinet, Siquet, Dussenne, Laifis, Nkounkou, Bokadi, Cimirot, Raskin, Amallah, Donnum, MulekaFollow our live commentary at 6.30 p.m.: [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Why Europe is delaying in building its transport network

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 17: 21: 00 , - International [ad_1] The finding is not new: Europe is accumulating delays on major infrastructure projects responsible for connecting the regions of the Union to each other. Since the 1990s, Europe has nurtured the ambition to create a vast network that encompasses all means of transport facilitating ...Take advantage of our current offer and access all our articles unlimited [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Pierre-Yves Jeholet attacks experts during press conference

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 08: 58: 10 , - Politique belge [ad_1] This Friday, an express consultation committee took place following the continued increase in figures related to Covid-19 in Belgium. As expected, the various political leaders will apply a toughening of the measures. During the traditional press conference after Codeco, Pierre-Yves Jeholet (MR) took the floor.The Minister President of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation did not have his tongue in his pocket. "I would still like to say that after this Consultation Committee, when we hear a lot of trade fair commentators, talk about 'political irresponsibility', 'that there is no longer a pilot on the plane' … Who today still have certainties about the epidemic? ", he asked.Before continuing: "Experts, politicians, scientists, I think we should all have the humility to admit that no. Today, we are managing this crisis with the Prime Minister and the federated entities. This never-ending crisis not and that we would obviously like much shorter. But we assume and we take our responsibilities. "In his viewfinder: Yves Coppieters. This Friday morning, before this emergency meeting, the professor of Public Health at the ULB was the guest of DH Radio. The opportunity for him to give his resentment on this fourth wave and the way we manage it in Belgium. "It (Editor's note, the Concertation Committee) risks causing confusion. I have the impression that the captain on the boat no longer exists. What was needed is that the Prime Minister has a message reassuring, ensures that the measures that have been taken are sufficient and above all works on adherence to these measures."."We need the experts but ..."During his speech, Pierre-Yves Jeholet wanted to clarify his point. "We need the experts", he admits. "But we need experts who will enlighten us on the epidemiological and health situation," he added. "We, the politicians, we have responsibilities, in the short term to manage this epidemic. But also in the medium and long term ... We must have a look on the learning of our children, on the viability of a whole series of sectors economic, mental health, the well-being of the population. These are our responsibilities today and also our responsibility tomorrow. "Not convinced by this new Codeco, Yves Coppieters believes that it was too early to calculate the effectiveness of the measures taken last week. Pierre-Yves Jeholet replied that the reality of politicians is not the same as that of experts. "Why did we not take these steps last week? Well, because we have a balance to manage, we politicians. We must manage this health crisis but also all the consequences it induces. Here is the difference with the experts. And I think everyone has their role to play."Then, Pierre-Yves Jeholet allowed himself a comparison: "It's like in a football match: there are as many commentators as there are coaches. Today, we have 11 million commentators in Belgium. But at some point, we, the politicians, take our responsibilities." While admitting that the various officials may have made... Read more

Marc Van Ranst: “In one to two weeks, we will know the effectiveness of the vaccines against the Omicron variant”

source: Belgium: 2021-11-28 14: 04: 05 , - Belgique [ad_1] The new variant of the coronavirus, dubbed Omicron, has caused anxiety since its discovery, especially because it is not known exactly how much it could make people sick.Virologist Marc Van Ranst is convinced that within one to two weeks there could be a result on the effectiveness of vaccines. "In our laboratory in Louvain, we have not yet been able to study this question. The sample that we have examined (the only known case in Belgium so far, note) is not fresh enough to do more research. Other countries and pharmaceutical companies are looking into this. And I think we'll know more soon. "In the meantime, the Flemish virologist finds it wise that travel restrictions have been imposed on countries in southern Africa. "We assume the worst-case scenario. If the variant turns out to be less pathogenic, we shouldn't wait to lift these new restrictions."Omicron only seems to cause mild symptoms in South Africa so far, according to what a South African doctor announced on Sunday. "But it is still too early to make big statements on this subject," says Marc Van Ranst. "These results mainly concern the young population. The Omicron variant has not yet reached the elderly: it remains to be seen what symptoms they will develop. If it turns out that the variant is highly infectious, but at the same time not very pathogenic, that would be very positive. This would mean that it could supplant the delta variant.. I support this. "Van Ranst also informed that there are currently no new infections with the Omicron variant known in Belgium. [ad_2] Read more from this article on