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New Year: half of Brussels restaurants usually open will close their doors

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 19:17:53 , - Régions [ad_1] "You should know that in normal times, 50% of restaurants are closed in Brussels", explains the president of the Brussels Horeca Federation, Fabian Hermans. "In this period of restriction, half of the establishments open will take out service and close their doors tonight."In Flanders, 34% of restaurants will be open, as confirmed by a survey conducted by Horeca Vlaanderen. In Wallonia, no official figure has been communicated, although the same trend seems to emerge.These figures can be explained by the closing time imposed by the Consultation Committee and set at 11:00 p.m. Many restaurateurs have therefore anticipated and developed the take-out service, which was already very popular during the first confinement. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Retrospective 2021: the personalities who have passed away

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 10: 21: 11 , - Lifestyle [ad_1] A look back at the personalities who have passed away this year.2021 retrospectives: the personalities who passed away this yearChristel LerebourgJournalist-videographerPublished on 12/31-2021 at 9: 15 am - Updated 12-31-2021 at 9: 16 amJean-Paul Belmondo, Bernard Tapie, Henri Vernes, Charlie Watts are some of the personalities who died this year and who marked the world of cinema, business, literature and music. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

A soldier of Elizabeth II knocks down a child in his path: the video that causes scandal

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 10: 21: 11 , - International [ad_1] Impassive, skittish and completely devoted to their mission. Her Majesty's soldiers are not known for their tact. But one of them went too far on a patrol at the Tower of London and somewhat shocked some of the British. It is a video widely distributed on social networks that fueled the debates.We see a Coldstream guard, an infantry regiment responsible for protecting the royal palaces, carrying a child who is a little too curious in his path. Determined, the soldier just walked forward, crushing the toddler before stepping over him with a sure step. The footage has been viewed almost 4 million times on the TikTok platform and has generated a lot of comments. "After the incident, the soldier inquired about the child and was assured that all was well ", asserted an army spokesman to unpin the situation. More fear than harm ? [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Bowling, sports clubs, casinos … After the culture fiasco, other sectors are taking action against the authorities

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 18: 54: 42 , - Politique belge [ad_1] After the closure of the cultural sector decided by Codeco to deal with the Omicron variant, an appeal before the Council of State had been brought by the producer Mathieu Pinte. The latter requested the suspension of the royal decree which ordered the closure of theaters. During a hearing held Tuesday, January 28, the Council of State agreed with him. The theaters can therefore reopen. A signal for other sectors? With this decision, the Council of State may have opened Pandora's box.Several sectors rise to the front, each in their own way.First, there is the recreational sector, which includes bowling alleys and casino halls. Twenty-five owners of bowling centers supported by the Belgian Sporting Federation of Bowling (FSBB) have lodged an appeal against the compulsory closure of their activity.And then, according to our colleagues from RTBF, Belgian casinos are also preparing a slightly different strategy. The Brussels casino should file an emergency appeal on Friday. The other Belgian casinos will probably choose to file a formal notice with the federal government. With this approach, the managers of these places hope that the government will allow them to reopen their activities. Legal action in the civil court in Bruges is also being considered. The managers of the casinos believe that the rules are strictly observed (mask, distance and control of Covid Safe Tickets) and that they have made the necessary investments to respect health standards and protect the public. In addition, they point to the lack of evidence demonstrating that the risks are higher in recreational settings.Less offensive athletesBy means of a press release, the Association interfédérale du sport francophone (AISF) pleads for a return of the public: "The sporting world would misunderstand and would dispute the fact that the presence of the public according to certain gauges (with respect for health measures such as the CST control, the wearing of a mask, ventilation, etc.) is not also applicable to it. "The Belgian basketball and volleyball leagues have also insisted on the money invested in recent months in infrastructure and discriminatory decisions are denounced. The Pro Basketball League and the Euromillions Volley League are calling for "a short-term perspective to allow spectators to play."However, some amateur or professional sports federations still favor discussion with the responsible ministers. Perhaps because emergency procedures before the Council of State are far from free. After having paid the 200 euros for filing the petition, you still have to pay the attorney's fees and, in the event of defeat, compensation of 700 euros. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Generally dry and mild weather for the last day of the year

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 08: 45: 54 , - Belgique [ad_1] The sky will gradually cover over the course of the afternoon with the possibility of a few light rains over the north. The weather will generally remain dry everywhere else. Temperatures will remain high for the season with 10 degrees in Hautes-Fagnes and up to 14 degrees in the plains.The wind will be moderate from the southwest then from the west-southwest except at the sea where it will become quite strong with gusts up to 50 km / h. Cloudiness will persist throughout the evening and overnight but the weather will remain dry with possibly a little isolated drizzle. The minima will be between 7 and 12 degrees in a weak to moderate southwesterly wind.Clouds should clear during the day on Saturday to give way to sunny weather with high clouds. The thermometer will again oscillate between 10 and 14 degrees. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Although ill-gotten, never profit, except for Mr. Pokora

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 20: 11: 55 , DH Les Sports+ - Lifestyle [ad_1] Revealed in Pop stars, the singer admitted having had to cheat to participate in the show. He was only 17 years old when he took part, but the rules required him to be one year older. Matthieu Tota, his real name, therefore falsified his identity card with a needle that his mother had given him in order to have an appropriate date of birth. "I was born on 09.26.1985, and I changed 09 to 05. I scratched then I printed the thing. Like what sometimes you have to know how to shake up fate a little", he told the Podcaststoryoff Instagram account. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Curfews and gatherings prohibited: Quebec tightens the screws for the New Year

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 01: 00: 38 , - Les derniers articles [ad_1] "It is a gesture which is extreme because the situation is extreme", declared the Prime Minister of Quebec François Legault during a press point, evoking the need to "save hospitals and save lives". Private gatherings will now be limited to the family bubble.The curfew will be in effect for a period that has not been specified after having been previously imposed from January to the end of May in the face of the second wave of coronavirus. It was then a measure unprecedented in Canada on a provincial scale since the Spanish flu epidemic a century ago.Violators risk a fine ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 dollars (4,100 euros).The dining rooms will be closed as of Friday. The start of the school year in schools and universities has been postponed to January 17.The French-speaking province, which has about 8 million inhabitants, recorded 14,188 new cases in 24 hours, 9 deaths and 135 additional hospitalizations on Thursday."In just one week the number of Covid cases in hospitals has doubled," pointed out Mr. Legault, while "the number of absent employees has more than doubled".Quebec, whose health network is battered by a staff shortage, announced this week that health workers who tested positive for Covid-19 and asymptomatic will be able to continue working.Neighboring and most populous province in Canada, Ontario had a similar number for new infections, with a significant increase in hospitalizations.Ontario on Thursday reduced capacity for spectators in concert halls and stadiums by 50%, or to a maximum of 1,000 people. Elderly people in retirement homes will now be able to receive a fourth dose of the vaccine.In western Canada, British Columbia banned all New Year's events in mid-December, from public celebrations to indoor gatherings.More than 25,000 new cases were identified on average each day in the country during the week of December 23 to 29, an increase of 141% from the previous week, according to a Canadian government report released Thursday.In total, Canada has recorded more than 2.1 million cases and more than 30,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

2:00 a.m. – The UN Security Council extends its Counter-Terrorism Committee for four years

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 03: 00: 00 , DH Les Sports+ - Dernières dépèches Belga [ad_1] Published on 12-31-21 at 2: 00 a.m. in New York (United States) The UN Security Council on Thursday evening unanimously renewed for four years the mandate of its Counter-Terrorism Committee, a body created at the end of 2001 after the attacks of September 11. "The Security Council decided today 'hui, during a virtual meeting, which the Executive Directorate of the Counter-Terrorism Committee (DECT) will retain until December 31, 2025, its status of special political mission, "the Council said in a statement. This four-year renewal - conditional on the production of progress reports in March and December 2022 and 2023 - was formalized by Security Council resolution 2617 (2021), the latest of this year. The Counter-Terrorism Committee, on which the 15 member countries of the Security Council are represented, was created by resolution 1373 (2001), just after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. It strives to strengthen the capacities of UN Member States to prevent terrorist acts on their territory and in the world (exchange of information, judicial cooperation, border control, fight against the financing of terrorism). The management of the Committee has around 40 officials, most of them legal experts. (Belga) © 2021 Belga. All rights of reproduction and representation reserved. All the information reproduced in this section (dispatches, photos, logos) are protected by intellectual property rights held by Belga. Consequently, none of this information may be reproduced, modified, redistributed, translated, commercially exploited or reused in any way whatsoever without the prior written consent of Belga. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

12:39 am – Exchange of warnings between Biden and Putin on Ukraine

source: Belgium: 2021-12-31 01: 39: 42 , DH Les Sports+ - Dernières dépèches AFP [ad_1] Joe Biden threatened Vladimir Poutine with a firm response to any Russian invasion in Ukraine, during a telephone exchange Thursday during which the Russian president said that further sanctions against Moscow would be "a colossal mistake". Mr. Poutine said he was "satisfied" with this conversation of about fifty minutes, "serious and concrete" according to an official of the American administration. The two leaders praised the diplomatic route out of the crisis generated by the threat of a Russian invasion. But any diplomatic progress will first and foremost pass through a "de-escalation" in Ukraine, warned the American leader. Joe Biden took part in this telephone exchange - his second in less than a month with the strongman of the Kremlin - from Wilmington, his stronghold in Delaware where he spends the end-of-year holidays. During the call, the White House released a photo of the American leader, phone in hand, in a room with wood-paneled walls. Washington will respond "resolutely" to any Russian invasion in Ukraine, he told his Russian counterpart but without further clarification, according to a statement from White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki. For its part, the Kremlin demanded "results" on its demands for "guarantees" of security: the negotiation of two treaties redefining the security balance and architecture of Europe which will soon be discussed in Russian-American talks. January 10 in Geneva. For Moscow, Russia's security requires the prohibition of any NATO expansion, perceived as an existential threat, and the end of Western military activities near Russian borders, an area it considers to fall within its area. influence. - "Full American support" - Meeting these demands is the only way to contain the worsening of tensions, believes Moscow, which particularly considers the support of the United States, NATO and the European Union to Ukraine as a direct threat to its security. and his interests. The United States, accused of leading certain international issues without too much regard for its allies, insists precisely on close coordination with the Europeans and the Ukrainians. The head of American diplomacy Antony Blinken took care to meet Wednesday with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on the one hand, and his French, German and British counterparts on the other. The Ukrainian president said he was assured of "full American support" to "counter a Russian attack". - No concession - Westerners have so far ruled out a military response to a possible Russian invasion. But the Russian president also warned against massive sanctions against Moscow linked to Ukraine which would be a "colossal mistake", said the Kremlin. Russia and its elite are already the subject of multiple economic reprisals because of the Ukrainian case and the repression in the country, but none of these measures have changed the Kremlin's line, quite the contrary. Moscow also denies threatening Ukraine, although it has already annexed part of the territory, Crimea, in 2014, and says it must protect itself against the hostility of Westerners who... Read more

Are you between 18 and 24? Wait until February to take your Stib subscription

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 19: 21: 23 , DH Les Sports+ - Régions [ad_1] In order to make public transport more accessible, certain Stib prices have been revised downwards. In 2016, the price of the school season ticket had already fallen from 120 euros to 50 euros. They are again revised downwards. Today, for students, Brussels public transport subscriptions cost 12 euros per year. For young people in Brussels between 18 and 24 who are no longer students, the measure comes into force in February 2022. Free for large families For large families, subscriptions for the third and subsequent children will be free. Schoolchildren and students thus benefit from access to the entire Stib network throughout the year. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

European football caught up by the Covid

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 18: 23: 35 , DH Les Sports+ - Sports [ad_1] The pandemic does not know the truce. While some European countries are preparing to return to the field in the league or in the cup, the number of players and coaches testing positive has continued to increase in recent days. If the holidays, conducive to gatherings and relaxation can explain this outbreak at the time of the recovery, it is above all the extreme contagiousness of the Omicron variant that is at the origin of this situation. "Boxing Day" perturbé The English Championship, which did not relax, was one of the first affected as Great Britain was overwhelmed by this new wave. Sixteen Premier League matches have been postponed in recent weeks. If the sacrosanct "Boxing Day" of December 26 did take place, it was however cut off from three meetings. In England, fans were able to watch the matches, but closed doors have returned to Wales and very limited gauges have been set in Scotland. From the beginning of December, the effects had already been felt when Tottenham lost on the green carpet their scheduled Europa League match against Rennes against Rennes in London due to numerous cases of Covid. La Liga greats affected It is the turn of Spain, where the championship resumes this weekend, to be particularly affected. FC Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid: the three big names in La Liga have all recorded many cases in recent days. Nine players are now positive at Barça after the announcement Thursday of three new contaminations, those of Sergino Dest, Philippe Coutinho and Ez Abde. They are added to those of Ousmane Dembélé, Clément Lenglet, Samuel Umtiti, Jordi Alba, Gavi and Daniel Alves. Real Madrid announced Thursday the positivity of four players: Thibaut Courtois, Federico Valverde, Eduardo Camavinga and Vinicius, while eight others had already tested positive since mid-December. At neighbor and rival Atletico, four players Antoine Griezmann, Koke, Joao Felix, Hector Herrera and coach Diego Simeone are positive, club colchonero reported. Atletico must meet Rayo Vallecano on Sunday, but the match is compromised since this other Madrid club has for its part 17 positive players according to the Spanish press, which would make it the La Liga club the most weakened by this wave of contamination. Cluster in Angers In Angers, 11th in the French Championship, they are 19 to be positive! The situation is such that the club have requested the postponement of their match scheduled for January 9 against Saint-Etienne. Of these 19 cases, "more than 10 will not be allowed to play a match before January 10, 2022," explained the Angevin team when training resumed. In Lyon, the star of the team Lucas Paqueta announced Thursday on his Instagram account that he had tested positive, while he had gone to spend the holidays with his family in Dubai. In addition to the Brazilian midfielder, other players are positive, AFP learned from OL, without the club specifying the number or identity. New... Read more

Horeca, agriculture, health … Where are the student jobs that the pandemic had confiscated?

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 13: 22: 10 , DH Les Sports+ - Belgique [ad_1] A year ago, the statistics published in December by the ONSS were final. They showed that the first wave of the pandemic and its containment had taken away 125,000 student jobs in the second quarter of 2020 (-33% compared to the same period a year earlier). The latest paintings published provide a more positive picture. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Poll: how do you plan to celebrate the new year?

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 12: 39: 57 , DH Les Sports+ - La Une [ad_1] On this occasion, multiple plans are possible. Would you rather go to a restaurant? As a reminder, they will be forced to close their doors at 11 p.m. If so, do you have anything planned afterwards? Do you prefer to celebrate it at home? Or with friends? Or do you have nothing planned and the transition to 2022 will be for you, in your pajamas, quietly at home? Another possible scenario, the New Year spoiled by the covid. If you are in quarantine, the New Year may be less festive than usual for you. Tell us what you have planned for this special holiday and take our survey. Want to tell us more and tell us about your best plans for celebrating the New Year? Send us a letter to [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Dutch railway company advises travelers not to take a train to Belgium

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 20: 08: 51 , ATV - Antwerpse televisie // RSS [ad_1] The Dutch railway company NS again advises travelers against taking the train to Belgium on Wednesday evening, unless it is really necessary. The trains are often full, so according to the railway company it is impossible to keep a sufficient distance. The call applies for the entire Christmas holidays (until 9 January). There has been an influx of Dutch people in Belgium in recent days. Due to the lockdown in their own country, they cross the border for a day out. It is also very busy on the highways. NS notices that it has become slightly less busy since the first call not to travel to Belgium. But the trains are still full. Sometimes so full that we have to leave travelers on the platform," it sounds in a press release. On the Benelux train (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Breda-Antwerp-Brussels) it was not possible to keep sufficient distance on Wednesday. NS uses all the trains it can there. However, it is not possible to extend the trains. It was also very busy on the connection between Puurs and Roosendaal on Wednesday. The Belgian railway company NMBS has doubled the capacity of the local trains. Just like Tuesday evening, an extra train will also be put in between Antwerp and Breda on Wednesday evening. It will depart from Antwerp Central Station at 10: 41 PM, NS says. “We will continue to monitor the situation in the coming days. Extra staff will remain on the platforms to manage crowds in the right direction. In addition, we check every day whether we are deploying an extra train from Antwerp to Breda', the press release of the Dutch railway company states.Photo Belgium [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Corona pandemic cripples fashion trade again – News

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 17: 05: 12 , Kanaal Z [ad_1] Independent fashion retailers continue to struggle with the covid crisis. Sales are on average 15 to 20% below the level of pre-corona year 2019. Working from home in combination with fewer events and parties suppresses the consumer's desire to buy. This was again noticeable this autumn, when sales fell sharply after the introduction of new corona restrictions. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

The ‘scandalous’ life of the ‘Dirty Duchess’: will she be rehabilitated by new TV series?

source: Belgium: 2021-12-30 04: 00: 00 , Het Nieuwsblad : Buitenland [ad_1] A BBC series is rolling around in the UK. A very British scandal presents the 'scandalous' life story of Margaret Campbell, the Duchess of Argyll. A story of 88 bed partners, two explicit Polaroid photos and a duke who got away with everything himself. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Alain Moussa released again, unclear whether he gave new information about Bende van Nijvel

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 22: 42: 53 , Het Nieuwsblad : Binnenland [ad_1] © bauweraertsEx-gangster Alain Moussa (70) was released on Wednesday evening. It is not known whether his interrogation has provided any new information about the Bende van Nijvel.Mark Eeckhaut, Dirk CoosemansYesterday at 21: 42Alain Moussa was arrested on Tuesday morning by the Gang Investigators, after he had claimed several times the week before that he knew who was behind the Gang of Nivelles. Moussa, for example, posted on social media: 'The killers of the Gang of Nijvel are Johnny De Staerke and Dominique Salesse. I haven't taken drugs or anything else for a year. I could tell you more about it, but it comes from very high up.' After that Moussa also sent a press release to a number of journalists and he went to talk to the Nivelles police.To check whether Moussa indeed had concrete clues about the Gang, the investigators arrested him on Tuesday. They found a gun and also seized several cellphones and a computer belonging to Moussa and his cousin and confidant Daniel B.. B. was also arrested. Moussa and B. were interrogated all day Tuesday and Wednesday. They were released late last nightMoussa is an ex-gangster from the Brussels environment. He has a Tunisian father and a Belgian mother and was once nicknamed 'The gunslinger', the gunslinger. However, he prides himself on never spilling blood in a robbery. But during a search in the mid-80s, a riot gun was found in his house in Laeken, among other things. Moussa was once part of the Bende van Baasrode, of which Philippe 'Johnny' De Staerke and Dominique Salesse were the leaders and which also included the infamous Leopold Van Esbroeck.The gang owes its name to the robbery that she committed on June 24, 1985 at the Baasrode post office. Moussa was sentenced to ten years in prison for the dozens of robberies attributed to the Bende van Baasrode. After that, he ended up in prison several more times. He was also interned a number of times. His heavy cocaine addiction kept getting him into trouble.Moussa is now accusing his ex-gang members De Staerke and Salesse. Both were linked to the Bende van Nijvel in the past, De Staerke was once even officially suspected, but no proof was ever produced. It is not certain whether Moussa was able to provide new information. The federal prosecutor's office only wanted to confirm that Moussa and Daniel B. were released. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Germany shuts down three nuclear power plants

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 16: 20: 02 , De Standaard : Economie [ad_1] Despite sky-high electricity prices, Germany will close half of its nuclear power plants the day after tomorrow. The country faces an immense task, as the new government has also accelerated the phasing out of coal and gas. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Biden, Putin to phone to ‘discuss relationships’

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 23: 54: 15 , De Standaard : Buitenland [ad_1] US President Joe Biden accepted Russian President Vladimir Putin's request to make telephone calls on "various subjects and diplomatic relations." The two are at odds, especially about the situation on the border with Ukraine. "Nothing can replace a leader-to-leader conversation with Russia," Biden said. A White House spokesman said Biden and Putin would call on Thursday to "discuss some issues and diplomatic relations." It will be their second conversation in a month. Lately, the two world leaders have been at odds. On the American side, there is nervousness about Russia's troop build-up on the Ukrainian border. The Russians, on the other hand, want the US and NATO to keep a low profile in the border region with Russia. According to the White House, President Biden has already coordinated his meeting tomorrow with some European leaders. Bilateral talks between the Americans and the Russians will start on January 10 in Geneva, Switzerland. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Winners and losers

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 21: 06: 00 , De Standaard : Binnenland [ad_1] It was a memorable sports year, with the European Football Championship, a glorious Van Aert in the Tour de France, Belgian top performances in Tokyo and an unprecedented Flemish folk festival at the World Cycling Championships. It was also a disappointing sports year, especially for football, where racism, corruption and money laundering seem even more difficult to eradicate than corona. It was above all a taboo-breaking year for sports, thanks to the courageous testimonies of various top players about their mental vulnerability. Rediscover ten of our best sports stories below. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Over 100 cases of harassment and stalking in UK Parliament

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 19: 26: 28 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Buitenland [ad_1] ©  REUTERSBritish MPs have endured more than 100 cases of harassment or stalking in parliament in the past two years. In addition, security was able to intercept six parliamentarians armed with a knife. That writes the British newspaper Daily Mail on Wednesday.Source: BELGIANToday at 18: 26According to the figures from the Daily Mail, there were as many as 117 cases of “harassment” or “stalking” between early 2020 and September this year. Most of the alleged incidents, such as threats in letter form, probably took place online or elsewhere and not in parliament itself. As many as six knives were intercepted at the entrance of the building.Labor MP Rosie Duffield said the number of incidents is likely to be much higher. "I wouldn't be surprised if the real figure is three times higher." According to Duffield, there are many MPs who do not report the threats to the police. “They are used to harassment or not even aware of it because their employees are handling it.”In October, the assassination of politician David Amess sparked debate over the safety of British MPs. Amess was the second MP in five years to be killed in his own constituency, after Labour's Jo Cox in 2016. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Starting tomorrow, 5- to 11-year-olds will be vaccinated: who will be first? And is the child vaccination mandatory?

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 17: 36: 44 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Binnenland [ad_1] theme image — ©  ShutterstockOn Thursday, the first vaccines will be given to children between the ages of five and eleven in Gooik. But how exactly will that happen? For example, what if you are on vacation and can't go yet? And when is the next age?Laurence TorckToday at 16: 36 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Antwerp roads and car parks are once again full of Dutch people: “Just stay at home” (Antwerp)

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 15: 18: 53 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Stad [ad_1] The Dutch Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge has again called on our northern neighbors not to go shopping in Belgium or Germany, where the shops are open. However, it does not appear that this is being followed up much: the Flemish Traffic Center warned on Wednesday afternoon that the Antwerp city center and the access roads and parking areas are filling up. evdgSource: BELGIANToday at 14: 18The Dutch government decided on a hard lockdown a week before Christmas to prevent healthcare from being overrun by a new wave of corona cases due to the more contagious omikron variant of the virus. The Netherlands has therefore intervened much more vigorously than neighboring countries. As a result, our northern neighbors flock to Belgium - and also Germany - to shop and soak up the Christmas atmosphere where possible. It led to traffic jams, overcrowded trains and parking lots. Minister De Jonge says he understands people who do that. “But it's not wise anyway. Just stay home.”ALSO READ. Busy again after chaos: NMBS increases capacity on trains to the NetherlandsAntwerp governor Cathy Berx has also repeatedly appealed to the Dutch not to come to our country to shop or go to a restaurant - which is currently not possible in our own country due to the corona rules. On Wednesday, a lot of people again seem to ignore that question. “On the E19 and A12 from the Netherlands we see many more Dutch cars than usual driving to Antwerp,” says Peter Bruyninckx of the Traffic Center. “That already leads to accordion queues and waiting times of half an hour. But the peak has probably not even been reached yet.”Moreover, according to the police, most Dutch visitors again seem to choose to drive from the Antwerp ring road all the way to the city center. “That is really not the intention, the city car parks are already almost full and access roads such as the Plantin and Moretuslei cannot cope with the influx,” says Bruyninckx. “We urge you to choose one of the park and rides, especially the one at Luchtbal is interesting for the Dutch. We are already signaling this on our dynamic boards and have asked our Dutch colleagues to give me a similar message.”ALSO READ. Dutch reporter goes to Antwerp: “A bit busy here, huh” [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Dutch reporter in Antwerp: “A bit busy here, huh”

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 13: 15: 15 , Het Nieuwsblad : Binnenland [ad_1] A lot of Dutch people wanted to escape the lockdown in their country on Tuesday and went to Antwerp to enjoy the freedom. The influx of day trippers caused traffic chaos in the city center and this did not go unnoticed by the Dutch media. The newspaper The Telegraph sent out a reporter to take a closer look at the shopping streets. "I don't feel guilty at all," he said. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

of sports players ask for the same treatment as for culture in terms of rules

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 10: 54: 09 , Actualité - [ad_1] Posted on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at 09: 54 a.m. Through Sudinfo with Belga Sports players are asking for the same treatment as for culture in terms of rules, threatening to also resort to the Council of State. Several sports players have announced that they have taken note of the Council of State's decision concerning the cultural sector in terms of health rules and demand that an identical solution be applied to their sector, threatening to also resort to the Council of State. Thus the president of the Belgian velocipedic league, Tom Van Damme estimated on Radio 1, whose remarks were repeated on Sporza, that we could very well on this basis allow the public during the next cyclo races. cross. "We think we have some arguments on the table to be able to relax" disproportionate and insufficiently motivated "rules. Our lawyers are looking to see if an appeal to the Council of State is necessary ”. Review the rules Tom Van Damme calls on the Concertation Committee to be held on Thursday to once again allow, as for the cultural sector, to organize events with the public under certain conditions. “We are asking to review the rules. A cyclo-cross course stretches for several kilometers and spectators can easily stand a safe distance away on both sides of the course. We could operate with a maximum capacity of 5,000 spectators. Without this, the organizers cannot get by ”. Amateur football suspends its competitions Amateur football on Tuesday suspended its competitions until January 17, believing that it is not viable to play without spectators. The Dutch-speaking wing of the Belgian football federation, Voetbal Vlaanderen, was delighted in a statement sent on Wednesday that a solution could be found for the cultural sector, but believes that participation in sports events should be based on the same approach. "It's very strange to be able to go to see a film with 200 people in the cinema and that you are not allowed to stay in the open air with 200 spectators installed along a football field for several hundred meters", said Marc Van Craen, President of Voetbal Vlaanderen. "There is no logic". Voetbal Vlaanderen has announced that it is examining the measures that can be taken to challenge these rules with the Council of State. "We hope that it does not have to come to this and that common sense will prevail in this debate", concluded Nand De Klerck, spokesperson for Voetbal Vlaanderen. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

CHR de la Citadelle: a defibrillator vest to save lives

source: Belgium: 2021-12-28 19: 25: 00 , RTC TELE LIEGE [ad_1] This is a first in French-speaking Belgium: a defibrillator vest. It is an innovation in cardiology that can save lives.The citadel of Liège takes the monitoring of its patients very seriously, from the hospital to the home. Indeed, this defibrillator vest of 800 grams could save your life or that of Mon of your loved ones. As long as you wear it all the time.Pierre Troisfontaines, cardiologist at the CHR explains: "It is for a certain number of patients well identified with criteria, c'that is to say those at vulnerable risk of malignant arrhythmia. And at that moment in a transient way, to protect them, we offer them this vest”."I am keeping it 24 hours a day ", confirms Konstantinos, the first French-speaking patient in Belgium equipped with this new technology. And to add: "I was told to just take it off to take a shower".Reduce the risk of sudden death“The risks when, unfortunately, someone has a cardiac arrest, a sudden death, the faster it is defibrillated. And so this vest is its function at the start, it is to defibrillate the patient if they have a malignant arrhythmia. The faster it is defibrillated, the greater are his chances of recoveries. The more time passes, the more minutes pass and the greater the risk of sequelae or lack of recovery ”, explains the cardiologist.And Konstantinos summed up: “You put on the vest, as it should be. And that's all. All I have to do me, all 24his that I need to change the battery. Like that, I am calm and we will have the data 24h/24”.Indeed, a whole series of data is collected by the company which developed this defibrillator vest. The patient's heart rate, of course. But other parameters are also analyzed, such as the number of steps taken over a day or the inclination of the body during sleep.Patient and family involvementTo get used to the use of this jacket, the patient and his family are trained for approximately one hour. “During the training, the patient is taught the maintenance of his jacket, the place electrodes that recorded his heartbeat, the place electrodes which will be used to treat the arrhythmia if necessary ”, explains Marylise Slechten, nurse at the CHR.And the cardiologist to support: “After having identified this anomaly, if the patient does not disarm the system, the device will deliver, through these electrodes, an electric shock of 150 joules to restore a normal rhythm of the patient. heart”.A 3-month transition periodThis jacket therefore has a treatment function, but also a preventive one, says the cardiologist: “When the patient puts on the vest, after 3 months, we see that the risk of arrhythmia has decreased. We will not need at this time to implant a pacemaker defibrillating which are these boxes that we then put if the risk persists. We put this type of case under the skin to protect the patient ”.In Belgium, 500... Read more

Challenge dismissed on appeal in its dispute with the MR

Challenge dismissed on appeal in its dispute with the MR

source: Belgium: 2021-12-29 06: 00: 02 , Actualite [ad_1] December 29, 2021 Today at 05: 00 The Court of Appeal ruled in favor of the Liberals who are no longer required to pay a share of the public endowment received when DéFi was still integrated into the MR. Justice sometimes likes to take its time. A new example with this judgment of the Brussels Court of Appeal dated December 21, and possible antepenultimate episode of a ten-year-old financial dispute between two parties that were once united: the MR and DéFi. Challenge is dismissed and cannot claim to recover part of the MR endowment of which he was part until 2011. Recall. In 2011, when the sixth state reform found a majority in Parliament, it precipitated a divorce within the MR of which the FDF (now DéFi) was one of the components since 1993. The liberals adopt the reform, the FDF rejects it and the two end up agreeing only on one point, the rupture. Against a backdrop of strong tensions between the presidents of the time, Charles Michel and Olivier Maingain, the FDF does not intend to abandon the financial compensation for its participation in the 2009 and 2010 polls under the MR banner. Question of financial bases to assume alone the electoral campaigns to come. An agreement that does not hold On the basis of an agreement concluded between the tenors of the party in 1993 and reaffirmed at the beginning of the 2000s, the FDF asks the MR, whose non-profit organization receives only the endowment to the movement, from him retrocede a portion calculated on the basis of the votes granted to FDF candidates on the MR lists and the duration of current legislatures. The Liberals refuse and stop the monthly endowment payment. The FDF goes to court. We are talking abouta starting sum of around 700,000 euros that the interest claimed by DéFi increased to more than 800,000 euros. The first decision comes almost three years later, in the spring of 2014, and it is favorable to Défi. The MR is appealing and it is this appeal decision that we are discussing today. The Court reformed the first judgment and ruled in favor of the MR on the basis of several elements. First thatan agreement between parties without legal personalities cannot enter into law, that within the MR, the FDF had ceased to be a party within the meaning of the law, that finally, no legal constraint obliged the MR to pay this money which was only on the basis of an agreement internal. Painful defeat therefore for DeFI. "DéFI will examine this judgment in depth with its lawyers in January with a view to a possible cassation appeal." "This judgment is as surprising as it is disappointing given the judgment rendered at first instance, reacts the presidency of the party led by François De Smet. DeFI will therefore examine this judgment in depth with its lawyers in January with a view to'' a possible... Read more

Grichka Bogdanoff died, her brother hospitalized

source: Belgium: 2021-12-28 18: 50: 34 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] Grichka Bogdanoff, one of the star twins of the 80s and regular on TV shows, died on Tuesday in Paris at the age of 72. Par AFP Published on 12/28/2021 5: 50 PM Reading time: 2 min Tcosmonaut events, controversial scientific works and faces of "extraterrestrials": Grichka Bogdanoff, one of the star twins of the 80s and accustomed to TV shows, died Tuesday in Paris at the age of 72. Read also Grichka Bogdanoff passed away "Surrounded by the love of his family and his relatives, Grichka Bogdanoff passed away peacefully (...) to join his stars," his family wrote in a statement sent to AFP. She did not wish to return to the causes of her death. “The time is now for meditation. Thank you, ”the agent of the two brothers told AFP, reacting to information from the World claiming that Grichka had died of covid and that his twin brother Igor was hospitalized for the same reasons. Made famous in the 1980s by their science fiction show "Temps X" on TF1, where they evolved in a spaceship setting with futuristic suits, Igor and Grichka had become the object of mockery for their deeply transformed faces. 'they themselves called "extraterrestrials". Their scientific works had also caused their share of controversy and had earned them the wrath of part of the scientific community, criticizing the "low value" of their work. Read also The Bogdanoff brothers: intergalactic stars, controversial scientists [ad_2] Read more from this article on