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Haro on culture!

source: Belgium: 2022-01-31 13: 26: 26 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] Pierre-Yves Jeholet is preparing to dissolve the network of academic and cultural liaison officers, the only real instrument for the international promotion of culture available to the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Why ? Article reserved for subscribers By A collective of personalities from the cultural sector Published on 01/31/2022 at 12: 26 Reading time: 4 mins IThirty years ago, what was not yet the Wallonia-Brussels Federation saw the creation of a network of readers responsible both for teaching the French language in foreign universities and for promoting Belgian literature there. French-speaking. Over the years, the activities of these readers have diversified to include the organization of activities highlighting the creators of our community, the establishment of contacts between them and the cultural operators of the countries where they worked, etc. . When, finally, it was decided to name them Alac (for Academic and Cultural Liaison Officers), it was established that the members of this network could be considered as the spearhead of the international cultural policy of the Federation. In 2020, a close evaluation confirmed this fact: the role of the Alac was – and still is – decisive in the influence, abroad, of French-speaking Belgian artistic and literary creations. This article is for subscribers only Discover the rest, 1€ for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Lelandais acknowledges having “deadly killed” Maëlys and “apologizes”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-31 14: 28: 08 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] The accused declared that he would explain himself in court. The 38-year-old defendant, who showed up on Monday slightly bearded, his graying hair cropped close together wearing a blue shirt and beige trousers, had previously taken off his mask to ask the president if he could turn towards the family of the victim, but the magistrate asked him to address the Court. During the morning, the former military dog ​​handler, tried for the murder preceded by the kidnapping and kidnapping of Maëlys De Araujo, 8, in August 2017, had however seemed to avoid looking at the side of the civil parties , mostly staring at the chair or her feet. Maëlys' parents present Maëlys' parents came to the Grenoble courthouse with a large painted portrait of the little girl, then left in front of the entrance to the courtroom. "The objective is that Maëlys has its place in this courtroom", explained the lawyer for the mother of the child, Me Fabien Rajon, adding that the family was "ready to face these three weeks of seated”. AFP. Those close to the child are "more and more determined, impatient, of course lucid about Nordahl Lelandais' ability to tell the whole truth, especially about the abuse of a sexual nature inflicted on little Maëlys", a-t- he then added that the prosecution for rape was dismissed during the investigation for lack of evidence. At the opening of the hearing several witnesses were missing, including the brother of the accused, Sven Lelandais, who asked by mail not to attend the hearing, affirming that he had "nothing to do” with this affair and arguing that he had just “hardly” found work as a seasonal worker in the mountains. The defendant's lawyer, Me Alain Jakubowicz, supported his request, describing him as "a sick man, suffering from an orphan disease". He was not followed by the president, who ordered that he be "wanted". She also ordered the presence of a former co-detainee of the accused, whose testimony had been deemed unreliable in the past, and one of his ex-girlfriends, yet carrying a medical certificate. The president then read the thick report summarizing the case and the day was to continue with the hearing of witnesses including a personality investigator and the mother of the accused. “We will try again tomorrow” From the start, four and a half years ago, this tragic news item had fascinated the general public, arousing compassion for the girl's parents and indignation with regard to the suspect, perceived as a manipulator and for a time suspected of being a serial killer. Dozens of people showed up very early Monday morning in front of the courthouse in the hope of attending the trial, but many of them could not access the room. "Today we arrived at 7: 30 a.m., we will try again tomorrow and we will come at 7 a.m.", declare with a touch of disappointment two Grenoble law students, Melissa... Read more

Major fire in a house in Tubize

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 20:42:38 , [ad_1] Walloon Brabant firefighters from the Tubizian post and their colleagues from the Hal barracks were called to intervene on Saturday shortly before 6 p.m. in the building located along rue de Stierbecq, northwest of Tubize.When they arrived at the scene, the rescuers found that the roof was already pierced by the flames. The fire would have taken to the level of the attic of the house, for an undetermined reason.The sappers worked for several hours to circumscribe the disaster. There were no injuries. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Our electric bike tests: Stromer ST5 ABS, nothing stops it

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 17: 11: 45 , [ad_1] Remember, several months ago when we presented the Stromer ST2 test to you, we were in the middle of discovering the world of speedpedelecs. Since then a lot of bitumen has passed under our wheels, and speedbikes in our hands. Among the tests carried out, we can retain the Ellio which for the editorial staff is a safe bet, as well as the Fluid-1S, an American bike which provides excellent value for money. But there is one thing that has not changed during all these months of almost uninterrupted testing, the fact that the Swiss brand remains a leader in the world of speedbikes. Stromer is the reference in the matter. With the ST5 ABS, we go to a higher level. To start and directly stop all the polemics, the ST5 ABS is very expensive, some go so far as to say that it is the price of a car, but please do not compare what is not comparable. We do not compare one of the most high-end bikes that exists, with an entry-level car. The ST5 ABS is the Ferrari of bikes.©D.R.This sporty looking bike, with a dynamic, tense not to say aggressive look, is Stromer's top-of-the-range model. Everything is here. Power, with an 850 W motor, aesthetics, with a sleek bike where all the cables are integrated, and, above all, this offer that only Stomer has developed: an ABS system for greater safety. On this bike, the front wheel anti-lock braking system provides excellent braking management. During our test, we tried everything to undermine the system but without success. This braking system continuously analyzes your progress and therefore intervenes directly to provide you with safe braking. It's very reassuring. Traveling at 45 km/h requires concentration and reflexes in the face of the dangers of the road. The contribution of ABS makes the user even more secure and also makes it more comfortable on this machine with its extraordinary power. In addition, this machine received from the Swiss manufacturer, a “sport” mode. This mode has almost no limit, whether at start-up or during travel, nothing stops it (except the limit of 45 km/h).©D.R.As soon as you get on this bike you understand that it is not a machine like the others. The ST5 ABS is very pleasant from the first turns of the pedals. It brings in the first fifty meters the expected 45 km/h and real driving satisfaction. Finally, as usual, the Swiss brand does not forget anything from the very efficient lighting, to the application which provides you with all the information you need for your journey.In Sport mode, we were far from the 180 km of range offered by the manufacturer, but we didn't need it and we preferred to cut through the air as quickly as possible, rather than playing it economical. Add to this machine, a state-of-the-art Shimano gear system that operates at the touch of a button on the right of the handlebars,... Read more

Producer-broadcaster in the performing arts, a profession of faith

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 19: 57: 18 , - Politique culturelle [ad_1] Producers and broadcasters in the performing arts defend the need to access the status of arts worker.The Inti Théâtre company is currently on tour in Belgium and France with its young audience show “Ballon Bandit”. ©Ryszard KarczStephanie BocartJournalist Published on 30-01-2022 at 6: 51 p.m. - Updated 2022-01-30 at 6: 52 p.m.You just have to listen to them for a few moments to understand how invested and passionate Dorine Voglaire and Pierre Ronti, both producers and presenters in the performing arts, are. And this, even though the health crisis has hit them hard. A grueling crisis that has, more than ever, exacerbated the socio-economic precariousness of many artists, technicians and support profiles...This article is for subscribers onlyTake advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimitedSubscription without commitmentOn the same subject [ad_2] Read more from this article on

U2 pays tribute to the victims of “Bloody Sunday”, 50 years after the massacre (VIDEO)

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 20:12:19 , - Musique & Festivals [ad_1] The Irishman Bono on vocals and The Edge on guitar appear in black and white. Introduced soberly by the message "January 30, 2022 - With Love, Bono & Edge", the video ends with strong images of the time.They show Father Edward Daly waving his bloodstained white handkerchief to clear the way for John Duddy being carried by a group of men. The 17-year-old boxer, who did not survive, is considered the first death of "Bloody Sunday".Families of the victims in mind, hundreds of people marched on Sunday in the streets of Derry - which the Republicans prefer to the official name of Londonderry - to commemorate the 50th anniversary of this massacre.Thirteen men had been killed by British soldiers during a peaceful demonstration for Catholic civil rights.This massacre represents one of the darkest episodes of the Northern Irish conflict between Catholic Republicans, supporters of the reunification of Ireland and Protestant loyalists attached to maintaining the British crown. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Cafaro puts the Rouches in charge: Standard-Mechelen 1-0 (LIVE)

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 20: 22: 28 , [ad_1] After a balanced start to the game, Schoofs tried his luck on a cross shot that grazed Bodart's crossbar.In the 19th minute, Donnum made his way into the Mechelen rectangle to take his chance after two dribbles but his shot was blocked. His attempt, however, had the merit of enthusing his supporters.In the aftermath, Standard put the pressure on but Emond and Cafaro, in particular, missed their chances. The French midfielder saw his first shot from distance pass just over the goal before Coucke defeated him on his second attempt.In the 35th, Donnum was too collective by looking for Emond behind when he had an open shooting angle. Red dominance was eventually rewarded with Cafaro's opener coming in after some good work from Donnum, allowing Standard to head into the locker room with an advantage.The eleven of the Standard: Bodart, Dewaele, Dussenne, Laifis, Calut, Bokadi, Raskin, Donnum, Cafaro, Dragus, Emond.Follow Standard-Mechelen live commented: [ad_2] Read more from this article on

“A unique personality”, “Great humanist”, “A real ket”: the tributes multiply after the death of Freddy Thielemans

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 11: 56: 53 , [ad_1] Philippe Close (PS) announced this Sunday the death of Freddy Thielemans at the age of 77. The latter served as mayor of the capital from April 1994 to January 1995, then from January 2001 to December 2013, before handing over to Yvan Mayeur. He had also been a Brussels and European deputy.This announcement quickly made many political figures react across the country.For Ahmed Laaouej, Head of the PS Group in the Chamber, the former mayor of Brussels was a "unique, endearing and popular personality". "He embodied the spirit of Brussels and our values ​​of progress“, he wrote on Twitter."Brussels lost a real ket with the disappearance of Freddy Thielemans“, for her part, reacted the co-president Ecolo Rajae Maouane on Twitter. The politician “will have marked the City of Brussels with his cheekiness, his patter and his personality".Same story from the side of the President of Défi François De Smet who also believes that the former socialist mayor has marked the history of the City of Brussels. "His endearing personality has worked a lot in the service of all the inhabitants of his City, whom he loved so much".The president of MR Georges-Louis Bouchez also paid tribute to him. "Freddy Thielemans is forever linked to Brussels, our capital. Wielding languages ​​brilliantly, he embodied the City he loved so much. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

04:56 – North Korea launches its most powerful missile since 2017

source: Belgium: 2022-01-30 05: 56: 35 , DH Les Sports+ - Dernières dépèches AFP [ad_1] North Korea launched its most powerful missile since 2017 on Sunday, according to Seoul, which estimates that Pyongyang could soon carry out its threat to resume its nuclear or intercontinental ballistic missile tests. This weapons test is the seventh conducted by the Pyongyang regime since the beginning of the year. The last time North Korea fired so many shots in such a short time was in 2019, after negotiations between its leader Kim Jong Un and then-US President Donald Trump broke down. South Korea said on Sunday that the North was following "a similar path" to that of 2017, when tensions were at their height on the Korean peninsula. Pyongyang "is close to breaking the self-imposed moratorium" on nuclear and intercontinental ballistic missile testing, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said in a statement. The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff said it had "detected an intermediate-range ballistic missile fired at a high angle to the east" at dawn on Sunday. Firing at a high angle means that the missile does not reach its maximum range. The missile was fired from the northern province of Jagang, from where North Korea has launched what it claims are hypersonic missiles from in recent months. It reached a maximum altitude of 2,000 km and traveled about 800 km in 30 minutes before falling into the Sea of ​​Japan, the staff said. Japan also considered it to be a medium or long range missile. Tokyo "strongly protested against North Korea", accusing it of "threatening the peace and security of Japan" with these tests, said Japanese government spokesman Hirokazu Matsuno. The last such missile to be tested by Pyongyang was the Hwasong-12, which had traveled 787 km and reached a maximum altitude of 2,111 km in 2017. At the time, analysts had calculated that this projectile had the capacity to travel 4,500 km, and therefore to reach the island of Guam, an American territory in the Pacific Ocean. - Threat of nuclear tests - The North Korean regime threatened on January 20 to resume its nuclear or missile tests, saying it was forced to do so by the "hostile" policy of the United States towards it. Since the inauguration of President Joe Biden in January 2021, Pyongyang has rejected the various dialogue proposals made by Washington. And Kim Jong Un reaffirmed in December that his priority was to modernize the country's arsenal. On Friday, the North Korean agency KCNA published images of Mr. Kim visiting an arms factory. In one of these photos, we see him beaming, wearing his usual belted black leather coat, surrounded by uniformed officials, whose faces are blurred. According to Soo Kim, an analyst at RAND Corporation, North Korea has bided its time and is now "gradually accelerating" its weapons testing. "Kim restrained her appetite for testing and provocation," she explains. "Now the time has come, and the repeated missile strikes add another problem to an... Read more

Should Belgium follow the Danish example and lift the measures against the virus? Here’s what the Belgians think

source: Belgium: 2022-01-29 12: 05: 29 , DH Les Sports+ - Belgique [ad_1] According to a study conducted by Ipsos and relayed by The last news, 39% of Belgians believe that all measures against the coronavirus should fall from February 1. The Belgians are therefore divided on the question. The Ipsos sample, made up of 1,523 people aged 18 and over, shows in particular large regional differences. According to this study, 33% of Dutch speakers want to end measures against the virus, compared to 48% of French speakers. There are also age differences among the respondents. It is especially young people under 45 who want follow Denmark's example. No less than 49% say they are in favor of lifting the restrictive measures. Older people are more cautious. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Kompany is delighted with the good health of Brussels football: “All that’s missing is the RWDM in D1A”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-29 18:13:00 , DH Les Sports+ - La Une [ad_1] Despite the painful defeat against Cercle, Vincent Kompany was in great shape at his press briefing. The reason ? He can't wait to play the derby against the Union. "I love the Brussels derbies. I associate them with folklore, fanfare, animosity and bickering neighbours." It will be played without RSCA fans. "I will miss them. In normal times, I find that in a Brussels derby, you should allow 2,000 supporters in a stadium where normally only 1,000 visitors are allowed." Do you remember derbies against the Union as young people? "Our real competitor was RWDM (Editor's note: in pro, they beat Brussels in 2004-2005, 0-1 and 3-0). I am a purebred Brussels resident. For far too many years, Anderlecht was the only Brussels club in D1. My dream is to see RWDM also in D1, so that there are three of us." In the meantime, the Union is 12 points ahead of you. "Union are the only contenders for the title. It doesn't mean Union will be champions, because Belgium have this fantastic system of playoffs (laughs). But Union are the only regular team who take their opportunities. " Anderlecht can become a candidate for the title again by going to win the Union? "It would be the perfect script for a movie, for our comeback to start there. But let's aim for the playoffs first. Last season, we were 18 points behind at the end of the classic phase and 89th in the first game of the playoffs, in Bruges, we were 6 points behind the Club. All it takes is a mental relaxation on the Union side for doubt to settle in there." The adventure of the Union makes you think of the title of Leicester? "It's practically the same thing. There were four of us aiming for the title: Chelsea, United, Arsenal and us, City. For a very long time, we ignored Leicester. In January, we were second behind Leicester, but we considered that "We were first. But in February and March, Leicester continued to win, and it was too late for us..." [ad_2] Read more from this article on

The story behind large Antwerp construction sites: “In the past, it didn’t arrive in an hour”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-28 19:30:00 , ATV - Antwerpse televisie // RSS [ad_1] The Braem blocks on the Kiel, the police tower on the Oudaan and the Antwerp Tower on the De Keyserlei - these are just a few examples of construction projects that determined the appearance of the city after 1945. A research project of the University of Antwerp now wants to reconstruct the story of the yards of those projects. And then it's not just about machines and building materials, but especially about the people who were working on those sites. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Z-News 28/01/22: Economy is growing strongly, but inflation is rampant – Nieuws

source: Belgium: 2022-01-28 22: 22: 01 , Kanaal Z [ad_1] Expensive energy drives inflation to 6.9%, highest level since 1983 / Demand for temporary workers continues to grow strongly / Colruyt becomes industrial bakery / Aqualibi reopens after flooding and introduction of corona barometer / Crash course in entrepreneurship gives low-skilled young people wings / Secondary school students work on aerospace project / Stock Market Talk: Markets Struggling With Inflation, Powell and Ukraine [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Djokovic in increasingly narrow shoes: did he show a false positive test to enter Australia?

source: Belgium: 2022-01-29 04: 00: 00 , Het Nieuwsblad : Buitenland [ad_1] After a procedural battle, Djokovic was still expelled from Australia on January 16. But the issue continues to haunt him. Chronologically, there is little in his story. — © EPA-EFEThe storm around Novak Djokovic's Australia trip is rising again. After the withdrawal of his travel visa for not being double vaccinated, the fuss about his entry form that was filled in incorrectly and the scandal surrounding his attendance at a youth tournament while he tested positive, it now appears that something has also been wrong with the corona tests that the tennis player declined. Its chronology doesn't seem right: his negative test is older than his positive. It therefore seems that his infection has been staged - in a clumsy way - to circumvent the Australian vaccination rules for those who want to enter the country. Peter MilemansToday at 03: 00 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Advocate of 12-year-old boy in Peer stabbing: “He is also very upset”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-28 20: 55: 47 , De Standaard : Binnenland [ad_1] Lawyer Eylem Turan attended Friday afternoon the arraignment to the juvenile judge of the 12-year-old boy, who stabbed a 41-year-old local police officer with a knife in Peer on Thursday. She said afterwards that the boy was also shocked by his actions. 'He is very touched. It is an accumulation of circumstances. He doesn't even understand how he ended up in that situation. The boy says he panicked and used an item he acquired earlier that day. We have come to the conclusion that it is better for peace of mind for both society and the minor himself to place him in a semi-open institution for the time being for three months," said lawyer Eylem Turan. It is a community institution in Mol. During those three months, the juvenile judge can re-evaluate the situation on the basis of the findings of the care providers in the institution. During the stay, for example, the boy can go to school during the day, but in the evening he has to return to the institution. 'The mother also finds it incomprehensible what happened. She hopes that peace can return and that the stricken officer recovers as well as possible. She wants to apologize to the police officer," added lawyer Eylem Turan. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

“Can you stop? This is dangerous”: Elon Musk offered teen $5,000 to take Twitter account about him offline

source: Belgium: 2022-01-28 17: 04: 07 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Buitenland [ad_1] ©  AFPElon Musk has offered a teenager $5,000 to take down a Twitter account about him. That account tweets every time Musk's private jet takes off and lands, and the wealthy South African thinks that is dangerous.It was 13 minutes after midnight when Jack Sweeney (19)'s smartphone suddenly lit up last spring. A private message on Twitter, he saw. From none other than the richest man in the world: Elon Musk. “Can you stop it? This is dangerous," he wrote. Musk was talking about the Twitter account @ElonJet. That sends a tweet every time Elon Musk's private jet takes off or leaves somewhere. Sweeney created the account, and did the same for the private jets owned by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, among others. The accounts are popular, Musk's has 123,900 followers.5.000 dollarBut Musk was not served by it, his message showed. Sweeney didn't answer until the next morning. “You can, but it will cost you a Tesla Model 3.” Musk didn't want to know about that. “I don't like the idea of ​​getting shot by a lunatic one day,” he replied, offering $5,000 to delete the account that Sweeney says earns $20 a month. “Can you raise that amount to $50,000?” the student tried, without success for the time being. And so @ElonJet just kept on tweeting.The student told his story Protocol and corroborated that by sending some screenshots. Likewise, what he sent last Wednesday that has not yet been read by Musk. “What I want more than the money is an internship.” Did he know why Musk hadn't replied yet? “Looking at ElonJet, I think he's on vacation in Hawaii,” the student said. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Candidate gets terrible news in ‘Big brother’ house: “He wasn’t even sick”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-28 14: 36: 42 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Binnenland [ad_1] During her stay in the Big brotherhouse, candidate Vera receives bad news. Her grandfather passed away suddenly. The man was diagnosed with lung cancer two weeks ago. The family did not want to alarm Vera with the news, because according to the doctors, it could still be okay. For now, she remains in the game. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Charlotte Timmers from ‘Billie vs Benjamin’: “I still speak more Limburgish than Antwerp, but I really love this city” (Antwerp)

source: Belgium: 2022-01-28 10: 00: 00 , Gazet van Antwerpen : Stad [ad_1] “Of course I had to audition for my part in Billie vs Benjamin”, says Charlotte Timmers about her leading role in the new series currently on Streamz. However, the actress has not been able to burn away from the screen in recent years. Rightly so, because after her roles in Studio Tarara, Beautiful Stay, Fair Trade of What if? we know what this cheerful spring-in-the-field has to offer. A few years ago she exchanged Zonhoven for Antwerp. “Although I still speak more Limburg than Antwerp, I really love this city.”Sandra GuestsToday at 09: 00 [ad_2] Read more from this article on

CultureL with Manon Lepomme, “La gazette du rock”, the editions of Joyeux Pendu and the Hangar

source: Belgium: 2022-01-27 21: 00: 00 , RTC TELE LIEGE [ad_1] We talk about yoga, the thirties, literature, painting, engraving, comics and rock in this episode of CultureL. The comedian Manon Lepomme is the guest of CultureL this Thursday, January 27th. "I'm much better, thank you!", She says since the beginning of her tour with her new show of the same name. Several performances are planned in the Liège region in various cultural venues: at the Comedy on the island, to cultural center of Chênée or even to trestles in Visé. All the useful information on the tour of this comedian from Liège can be found on her website: Reports of the weekFree exhibition in ChênéeRock fans are welcome at the cultural center of Chênée for an exhibition on "The Rock Gazette" and the Happy Hanged editions. "Rock, words, images" is visible for free until February 27th.And finally, 15 visual artists exhibit at the Hangar in Liège around the theme "correspondence(ies)" until February 12. RTC met there the Liège photographer and engraver Didier Renard who is interested in his ancestors. Agenda [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Many flood victims are still left behind after more than six months!

source: Belgium: 2022-01-27 11: 00: 00 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] The terrible floods of July 2021 in Wallonia are not a Flemish or Walloon problem. The authors of this open letter to the federal government make a double request: emergency assistance to meet the needs of victims and a long-term vision. Pierre-Yves Thienpont Flames - By a group of citizens, most of them from the north of the country, who spent a large part of their Christmas holidays in the flooded regions of Wallonia last summer Published on 01/27/2022 at 10: 00 Reading time: 5 mins It doesn't have to look far today to find evidence of the bleak future that climate change holds for us. During the last summer holidays, we spent some time in the valleys most affected by the floods of July 2021, an unfortunate event that claimed the lives of those whom, during his speech at COP26, our Prime Minister nicknamed the first Belgian victims of our climate. If science is to be believed, these once-in-a-100-year events will become more and more common, and those who suffer today could be the first victims of a long series. The temperatures dropped and it didn't stop raining. Every time we were cold, we could feel a cold that the people of southern Belgium must feel a hundred times more than we do. Indeed, some victims of the July 2021 floods still do not have heating, and even if they do, their homes are damp with bare walls and plastic sheeting replacing interior doors. They are terribly cold, to their bones, to their muscles, and this cold, unfortunately, slowly penetrates their heads. More and more people struggle with dark thoughts. Exhausted victims How do we know? During the period from December 26, 2021 to January 3, 2022, for 9 days we collaborated with the Belgian Red Cross as well as with other citizen initiatives in the Vesdre and Ourthe valley. We have heard the saddest stories and seen many tears. While offering crepes, hot chocolate and music, we listened attentively to those who needed it. We were, and still are, outraged: we live in one of the richest countries in the world, and yet our government fails to provide basic necessities to its citizens who need them most. No need to hide behind the "we didn't know": in October 2021, the federal government was made aware of the results of an independent study carried out on behalf of the Walloon government... And since then, another three months have passed. Read also Wallonia: stricter rules for building in a flood zone If the inhabitants of the flooded areas are grateful for the solidarity offered, they are nevertheless exhausted. Tired of waiting, tired of insurance companies continuing to go from house to house, tired of the cold, and tired of seeing no way out. Knowing also that the same situation could happen again and that all their efforts could be in vain in, who knows, the near future…... Read more

Traveling abroad: what people going skiing from Belgium should know (interactive map)

source: Belgium: 2022-01-27 15: 48: 47 , Actualité - Le Soir [ad_1] As the winter sports season is launched and the omicron variant is spreading in Europe, some countries have decided to tighten the conditions for entering their territory. Between mandatory negative test, quarantine and health pass conditioned on a third dose, here is everything you need to know. Article reserved for subscribers By Zoé Lampe (st.) Published on 01/27/2022 at 14: 48 Reading time: 11 mins Lhe ski holiday season is fast approaching. While the omicron variant is progressing rapidly in Europe, some countries have decided to tighten the conditions for entering their territory, by introducing additional rules. Here is an update on the five key winter sports destinations. If you are traveling to France Any vaccinated person who wishes to enter French territory must show proof of vaccination and a sworn statement attesting to the absence of symptoms and contact with a positive case. This article is for subscribers only Discover the rest, 1€ for 1 month (without engagement) I take advantage [ad_2] Read more from this article on

The capture of pigeons in Brussels is over: “We are putting a definitive end to this system”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-27 09: 24: 05 , [ad_1] A year ago, Brussels MP Victoria Austraet tabled a proposal for an ordinance aimed at putting a definitive end to the capture of pigeons to regulate their number. His proposal is co-signed by Gladys Kazadi (cdH) and Gaëtan Van Goidsenhoven (MR). She received this Wednesday 12 votes "for" and one abstention.Victoria Austraet explains that in the Brussels Region, companies or municipalities capture pigeons in cages before euthanizing them because they cause nuisance. According to the member, these practices are cruel in addition to being ineffective and illegal. A Brussels ordinance on the conservation of nature notably prevents the use of "nets, traps, poisoned baits or tranquilizers" to capture any species of birds. However, exemptions are still sometimes granted."I noticed one day on returning to the office that there was a cage for catching birds above an annex of the SNCB. There were several of them in the cage, under the sun and without food. Two of them were even dead, including a wood pigeon, which enjoys stricter protection", she explains. Pest control societies say they empty the cages every night, but the MP doubts it. In addition, the method of euthanasia they use is gassing, a painful process for the animal. ."If we can not deny that pigeons bring nuisance on several aspects, we can not resolve to mistreat them to avoid them. There are alternatives to catching pigeons, so we have no reason to deprive ourselves of them", believes Gladys Kazadi (CDH). Now there will soon be no more possible derogations. The capture of pigeons will be prohibited. "We are putting a definitive end to this system. Other solutions exist for the management of pigeon populations: the contraceptive dovecote or the contraceptive grains"explains Victoria Austraet.The house is a place where the pigeons are watered and fed. "They will lay there and therefore, an employee of the municipality will shake the eggs or put decoys instead“, explains the deputy. According to her, there are already some in Schaerbeek and Molenbeek but they are sometimes abandoned.Contraceptive seeds are already used in Ixelles and the City of Brussels. These are corn kernels that make animals sterile. Every day, at a fixed time, a distributor gives out the grains, which are eaten by the breeding males.The next stage of the ordinance text is to go through the commission in charge of the matter, and then through the plenary session before coming into force. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

An unreleased track from Johnny resurfaces

source: Belgium: 2022-01-26 17: 22: 06 , - Musique & Festivals [ad_1] This Wednesday, RTL exclusively unveiled an unreleased track by Johnny Hallyday. This is the third title unveiled, more than four years after the death of the "taulier".The Universal record company continues its research in the Hallyday archives and has found a treasure created for the needs of the film The specialist. In 1969, Johnny turns The specialist, directed by Sergio Corbucci, a western in which he plays a lonely cowboy determined to avenge the death of his brother. Johnny's track uses the melody of the film's composer, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino. It is adapted into French by Georges Aber. There was probably talk of integrating this song there in the film, but the record company does not know why it was not finally exploited.There are two versions of the song: a first with a rock formation and another more acoustic. "There are only two takes of this song", explains Xavier Perrot, the artistic manager of Johnny Hallyday's catalog at Universal, to RTL. "It's a very good surprise. I thought that title was lost forever and it was thanks to the research of the documentation department that we were able to get our hands on this archive".The tape was only discovered late due to poor archiving: "It's a real work of archaeology. There were few indications, except 'the specialist'. But there was no Johnny's name. It's always great to find an archive that has been sleeping for so long in a bunker", rejoices Xavier Perrot.This title will be available from this Friday on streaming platforms, as will the reissue of the album. Life, releasedinitially in November 1970. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Accused of sexual assault, Prince Andrew seeks civil trial in New York

source: Belgium: 2022-01-26 22: 12: 25 , [ad_1] “Prince Andrew hereby demands a trial by jury on all the grounds invoked in the civil complaint” filed in August 2021 in New York by Virginia Giuffre, 38, who accuses the second son of Queen Elizabeth of the sexually assaulted three times in 2001. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Alain Destexhe has joined Éric Zemmour’s campaign team: “There is nothing extreme right in his remarks”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-26 16: 57: 07 , - Politique belge [ad_1] "I am not looking for visibility, I am at his service", assures the one who had launched a party to the right of the MR. This article is part of the offer reserved for subscribers. Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to view subscriber-only articles in this app. We apologize. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

More than 400 million to increase police and civil servants on the table of a cautious government: “We must not wait for mountains and wonders”

source: Belgium: 2022-01-26 16: 55: 58 , [ad_1] Police and federal officials are pressuring the federal government for wage increases. We saw it in December with strike movements in the police. Also with this strike notice filed in complete...Take advantage of our current offer and access to all our articles in unlimited [ad_2] Read more from this article on

11:20 a.m. – Snowfall: Istanbul back to normal, Athens still slow

source: Belgium: 2022-01-26 12: 20: 50 , DH Les Sports+ - Dernières dépèches AFP [ad_1] Life was back to normal in Istanbul on Wednesday after an exceptional snowstorm over the eastern Mediterranean continued to paralyze Athens, prompting the Greek prime minister to issue an apology. Istanbul International Airport, the busiest in Europe in 2021 with more than a thousand daily flights, paralyzed since Monday, announced the reopening of two of its three runways, ensuring that the third should be in the 'afternoon. According to the press release, "681 movements are planned today" and the shuttle service between the airport and the center of Istanbul was able to resume normally. In Greece it is above all traffic, in particular on the ring road around Athens closed for the third consecutive day and the distribution of electricity which remain disrupted by the heavy snowfall. On Wednesday, soldiers, police and state services were still trying to free hundreds of immobilized vehicles, abandoned by their drivers overnight from Monday to Tuesday. The chaos led Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis to issue a "personal and sincere apology" promising that "lessons will be learned" from this episode. The unions in the Athens area point to the lack of suitable means. In the turmoil, Vassilis Halkias, the CEO of the private company managing the Attiki Odos ring road, resigned on Tuesday evening and the company, which apologized, promised 2,000 euros in damages to motorists stranded on the toll motorway. But the situation is even more degraded on the secondary roads and for the restoration of the power lines, the inhabitants denouncing the negligence of the authorities. “Staff inspect the installations on foot but the machines cannot get to them,” explained George Adamidis, union official at the public electricity company. "We haven't slept all night, it feels like our (fingers and toes) are about to fall off," a resident of Alimos, a private Athens southern suburb, told Star TV. of electricity. In Istanbul too, the management of the crisis at the large ultra-modern airport inaugurated in 2019 to replace Atatürk airport, which has become too small, is the subject of harsh criticism. Hundreds of passengers were stranded in the terminal: unable to fly or get to town, they were forced to sleep on the icy floor, complaining about the lack of information and logistical support from the from airport authorities and Turkish Airlines, noted an AFP photographer. Meanwhile, opposition newspapers reported on Wednesday that two leading ministers, that of Transport and that of the Interior, landed the day before at the former disused airport: "Fortunately there is Atatürk!" headlined in a Cumhuriyet. The construction of "Istanbul Havalimani", located on the European side about forty kilometers north-west of the city center, had given rise to many controversies, in particular on the damage caused to the environment and on its location, near the Black Sea, exposed to bad weather and frequent fogs. Another concern, on Wednesday, some passengers were worried on Twitter about the expiry of their Covid tests carried... Read more

Shock video by Florent Pagny: the singer announces that he has lung cancer and cancels his tour

source: Belgium: 2022-01-25 21: 32: 11 , DH Les Sports+ - Lifestyle [ad_1] If Florent Pagny had announced that he planned to slow down after his tour started last November, his fans certainly did not expect this bad news. "I have to make a rather special announcement, I won't be able to finish my 60th anniversary tour, announces the interpreter of Let us breathe in an Instagram video. I have to cancel all of my concerts due to a health problem. Indeed, I have just been diagnosed with a tumor in the lung, a not very sympathetic cancerous tumor which cannot be operated on". Quid de The Voice? "I'm sorry but health first!" The interpreter of My Freedom to Think however assured that we would find him on the red armchair of The Voice, the season having already been recorded. The star also indicated that he was going to start "a six-month chemotherapy and x-ray protocol". Supported by his wife, Florent Pagny concluded in this way: "Me and my other half have to put ourselves in warrior mode in order to face this rather special ordeal". However, he hopes to find everyone after this ordeal. [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Emanation of toxic gas at Delta Hospital: the situation is back to normal

source: Belgium: 2022-01-25 13: 56: 21 , DH Les Sports+ - Régions [ad_1] The Brussels firefighters were called around 11: 30 a.m. to the Delta hospital following the release of toxic gas. The entrance to the hospital was cordoned off but the various services, including the emergency room, continued to operate normally. The hospital was partially evacuated. "During the maintenance of the swimming pool, there was a mixture of chlorine with another product which caused the emanation of an irritating and toxic gas", explains Walter Derieuw, spokesman for the Brussels fire brigade. "The technician in charge of maintenance had the presence of mind to close the technical room. As a precaution, the firefighters closed the atrium, therefore the entrance hall where the stores are located, but the operation of the hospital is not impacted. The Hazmat team of the Brussels fire brigade, which specializes in interventions for hazardous products, went to the scene. “Our Hazmat team has placed the barrel concerned in another larger one and will now evacuate it. There are no injuries,” said the fire department spokesperson. The police went to the scene to carry out a security perimeter. No injuries are to be deplored and the situation is now back to normal. [ad_2] Read more from this article on