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Ontmoet Khaled Al Buainain, de jongste gids in het Qatar National Museum

Meet Khaled Al Buainain, the youngest guide at the Qatar National Museum

Source: Qatar , 2021-09-27 07: 31: 18 , أخبار :: [ad_1] Khalid Ahmed Al Buainain's desire to protect the environment and raise awareness of Qatar's endangered marine animals led him to become the youngest 10-year guide at the Qatar National Museum. After Khaled Ahmed Al-Buainain visited the "Seaweed Tales, Dugon Cows Tracks" exhibition organized by the Qatar National Museum, he went to the museum's Community Awareness Department and asked them to train him as a guide in the exhibition . Khaled's enthusiasm to raise awareness about manatees and endangered marine mammals in Qatar led him to volunteer and get this position. Khaled became the youngest tour guide and was recently assigned to guide visitors in the exhibition Seaweed Tales, Dugon Trails. "It was a new experience for me and I was very happy because I achieved this beautiful dream," Khaled said during an interview with Q-Life. He added, "I also felt like I was really a great guide, leading visitors through the exhibit and explaining to them what I learned." Khaled hopes to become a guide to more of Qatar's historical sites and to reveal hidden treasures and stories to visitors, explaining: "I have many goals and dreams for the future, including becoming a guide in my country and explaining everything about the sights of Qatar to visitors, because Qatar is very beautiful." The exhibition was organized at the National Museum of Qatar in collaboration with ExxonMobil Research Qatar (EMRQ) and provided information about dugongs and their habitats through fun facts and interactive exhibits. Dugongs are among the large marine mammals found in Qatar, and scientists recently discovered the largest concentrations of dugongs in Qatar (one of a kind). The exhibition introduced visitors to the important work of scientists studying dugongs in Qatar and how they can protect them and their environment through science and daily work. [ad_2] Read this article and more from - Qatar