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The call of the Standard for the canceled goal against the Circle is “admissible but unfounded”

source: Belgium: 2022-02-25 16: 49: 00 , RTC TELE LIEGE [ad_1] february 25, 2022 16: 49 Cork The Standard's appeal against the goal cancelled at the very end of the match against Cercle Bruges was deemed "admissible but unfounded" by the Disciplinary Council of the Belgian Football Union (URBSFA). The Belgian Union announced it on Friday.On 5 February, Standard and Cercle had shared 1-1. In the last moments of the game, the referee of the game Mr. Lawrence Visser canceled a goal from the head of Moussa Sissako, after VAR intervention, for a millimeter offside. The next day, the Standard announced its intention to file a complaint for this match. The Belgian Union's Refereeing Department later ruled that Sissako was not offside. "The Federal Regulation clearly provides for the consequences of any erroneous decision of the referee and stipulates that in the case of decisions on facts related to the game, as in the present case (goal scored / offside), no adjustment of the result of a match is possible because there is no possibility of appeal (Art. B6.120 of the Federal Regulation)", indicates the Disciplinary Board in its verdict.According to the Disciplinary Council, the Standard "cannot be followed when the club argues that, based on the VAR protocol, the VAR would not have the right to intervene if it considers that there is an offside when the referee had not noticed it." In the case of Referee Visser's decision, this is a "(erroneous) decision regarding a fact of the game", which is not subject to appeal, and not a "error in the application of the Laws of the Game", which is, her, subject to appeal. The Disciplinary Council also points out that "the point of view of the Standard according to which an appeal could be made against an intervention of the VAR which would later prove to be erroneous, would make impossible any normal course of a professional football competition. As a result, the results of the matches could be disputed on a quasi-weekly basis and the championship and its ranking could no longer be taken seriously."Source: Belga [ad_2] Read more from this article on

Gaming companies got into the teeth of authorities in China – in Finland, the gaming industry shines in the circle of the herode

Source: Finland, 2021-09-12 07:00:00 , Uusimmat | [ad_1] For many Finnish parents of a minor child, Chinese regulations would be welcome. Without a lucky tax payment, supercell workers could also be seen as wasters of childhood and predators of gambling problems. [ad_2] Read this article and more from - Finland