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Een boom viel op een auto op een parkeerplaats in Kyustendil, wonder boven wonder raakte niemand gewond

A tree fell on a car in a parking lot in Kyustendil, miraculously no one was injured

Source: Bulgaria, 2021-09-12 12: 22: 50 , Онлайн вестник Струма [ad_1] Willow fell on a car late last night in the parking lot of ABS coffee in Kyustendil. The car is completely crushed. Miraculously, the riders in the "Audi" - that boy and the girl of 20 years passed each other alone with fear. They parked the car, got out, and at the same time the willow fell on the car. Police confirmed for "Darik" that they had received a signal for a fallen tree and helped remove it, writes. In the photos the car is not visible, ...continues[ad_2] Read this article and more from - Bulgaria